Wallis: It’s not what you think

Next time you’re hiccupping and you can’t stop and you think you’re going to hyperventilate and you need a BIG surprise to bust you out of it.. may I suggest you head to Wallis

That’s what I did a couple of weeks ago, (not because I was hiccupping, but because I was invited) and I really did get a surprise. I’ve never really shopped in Wallis before as I didn’t think the brand was aimed at me, but as soon as I stepped into their head office (STUNNING building) and caught a glimpse of their new AW13 collections, I knew something had changed… 

Over the last couple of years, the clever elves at Wallis HQ have been busy making a few changes here and there, weaving their magic and conjuring up something rather special… 

The brand has headed back to its roots (did you know the first store opened in 1923?) and has wiggled its way into a well deserved and enviable position on the high street, rocking buckets of pizzazz, sparkle and class. 

Embellishment is their middle name...

Embellishment is their middle name…

The new AW13 collections I saw oozed style, quality and elegance and were packed with beautiful, grown-up garments which look as though they should be selling in a designer boutique. But no, they’re all in store for you and I to purchase at a very nice price, thank you very much… 

Or, even better, if you would like to win an entire Christmas Party outfit from Wallis (of your own choosing!) keep reading…

Here’s me in one of my favourite pieces – their Wide Legged Jumpsuit – I can’t wait for a sparkly Chrimbo party so I can swish about in it.

Me in my wide legged jumpsuit - Wallis

Me in my wide legged jumpsuit – Wallis

Later in the week I saw this dolly of a coat in store too – I’m fast becoming a Wallis groupie..

Black Swing Coat - £52 (was £65) - Wallis

Black Swing Coat – £52 (was £65) – Wallis

Wallis has been standing proudly on the British high street since the early 1920’s and has many stories to tell. It knows fashion and it knows women.. oh, and the likes of Yasmin Le Bon, Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson have all designed product for them too. (Let me just pick those names up off the floor…)

So, if I love Wallis, and they love Wallis… then chances are you will too.

See you in store.



Win a Christmas Party outfit from Wallis!

Three of my lucky readers can win an entire Christmas party outfit from Wallis – you can even choose the products yourself! If you fancy that (who wouldn’t) then enter the competition below. This really is an amazing prize – good luck!

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*This competition is open to the UK only and includes product up to the retail value of £100, per winner.

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34 thoughts on “Wallis: It’s not what you think

  1. I agree with Kemcaflipflops – When Wallis get it right, they get it right! My mother-in-law gave me a dress that she bought from Wallis, like, 9 years ago, just a plain jersey scoop neck black maxi, and it is cut like a dream. I get comments every time I wear it. What a great promo! Thanks for running it Poppy!

  2. Thanks for running this competition. Wallis is one of my favourite stores, but unfortunately a lot of them have shut down now

  3. Great post! Wallis had been a secret source of treasure for me for some time – stocked up on pretty dresses for my honeymoon a few years ago, and they have a great Petite range, which is hard to come by! :) X

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