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Wallis: It’s not what you think

Next time you’re hiccupping and you can’t stop and you think you’re going to hyperventilate and you need a BIG surprise to bust you out of it.. may I suggest you head to Wallis

That’s what I did a couple of weeks ago, (not because I was hiccupping, but because I was invited) and I really did get a surprise. I’ve never really shopped in Wallis before as I didn’t think the brand was aimed at me, but as soon as I stepped into their head office (STUNNING building) and caught a glimpse of their new AW13 collections, I knew something had changed… 

Over the last couple of years, the clever elves at Wallis HQ have been busy making a few changes here and there, weaving their magic and conjuring up something rather special… 

The brand has headed back to its roots (did you know the first store opened in 1923?) and has wiggled its way into a well deserved and enviable position on the high street, rocking buckets of pizzazz, sparkle and class. 

Embellishment is their middle name...

Embellishment is their middle name…

The new AW13 collections I saw oozed style, quality and elegance and were packed with beautiful, grown-up garments which look as though they should be selling in a designer boutique. But no, they’re all in store for you and I to purchase at a very nice price, thank you very much… 

Or, even better, if you would like to win an entire Christmas Party outfit from Wallis (of your own choosing!) keep reading…

Here’s me in one of my favourite pieces – their Wide Legged Jumpsuit – I can’t wait for a sparkly Chrimbo party so I can swish about in it.

Me in my wide legged jumpsuit - Wallis

Me in my wide legged jumpsuit – Wallis

Later in the week I saw this dolly of a coat in store too – I’m fast becoming a Wallis groupie..

Black Swing Coat - £52 (was £65) - Wallis

Black Swing Coat – £52 (was £65) – Wallis

Wallis has been standing proudly on the British high street since the early 1920’s and has many stories to tell. It knows fashion and it knows women.. oh, and the likes of Yasmin Le Bon, Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson have all designed product for them too. (Let me just pick those names up off the floor…)

So, if I love Wallis, and they love Wallis… then chances are you will too.

See you in store.

Win a Christmas Party outfit from Wallis!

Three of my lucky readers can win an entire Christmas party outfit from Wallis – you can even choose the products yourself! If you fancy that (who wouldn’t) then enter the competition below. This really is an amazing prize – good luck!

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*This competition is open to the UK only and includes product up to the retail value of £100, per winner.

How to churn butter in a jar. Yes, that’s what I said.

Pic pilfered from Fleur de Sel

Pic pilfered from Fleur de Sel

I love a bit of butter, me, spread thickly and luxuriously on crumpets, toast, crackers… crumpets again. Butter means home. Butter means cosy. Butter makes me disproportionately happy (admitting it is the first step) so as soon as I learned that I could make freshly churned butter at home in a jar, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

I love the simplicity of the ingredients, (all you need is cream) and the delicious, satisfying, creamy result. 

Pic from Gina and Kris

Pic from Gina and Kris

All you need is cream and a jar. Ready? Here you go..

1. Fill approximately 1/3 of a jar with thick double/whipping cream and seal tightly. (Feel free to add in a pinch of salt or anything else you fancy if you’re feeling adventurous..)

2. Shake vigorously until a blob of butter has formed in the jar. This can take between 10 mins and half an hour, so may I suggest that you dance along during this section. You might want to consider tracks such as “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ by Wham, or ‘ABC’ by The Jackson 5. 

3. Drain out the buttermilk around the butter and rinse your butter under cold water – wash off all the buttermilk – you’ll know you’ve done it when the water runs clear. 

4. Put your butter on a board and press the butter with the back of a wooden spoon to force out any more of the buttermilk. This is important as any buttermilk left inside will make the butter go sour.

5. Shape your butter, wrap it in greaseproof paper and pop it in the fridge. 

6. Or, eat it immediately.

Ta da! Crumpets, anyone?


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Monty’s Parties for the Unattached: Movember

Have you heard of Monty’s? No? Why ever not.

They are the clever souls who host the ultimate parties for the unattached. Not your average cringefest ‘mix and mingle’ with soggy crisps… no. Think more roller girls, traditional shaving, kissing booth’s, music, hair cuts, (for the boys) raffles with amazing prizes and whisky. They also claim to attract the hottest singles roaming this fair land we call London town. 

Monty’s is the brainchild of a 30-something single lady, who’s sociable, self employed, lives in London and was bored to the back teeth (where on earth is that expression from?) with internet dating and bad singles’ parties. She put on her thinking beret and set about creating Monty’s, who now host parties all over London in some of the more unusual venues the city has hidden up its jumper.

They collaborate with events collectives, artists, performers, cooks and musicians and all of this creativity gives their parties excitement, flair and vavavoom… and gives their guests plenty to chat about too. (Conversation starters galore. Tick.) Montys_Oct12_099

This Thursday – 31st Oct – Monty’s is hosting a very special party at The Paper Dress in Shoreditch to raise stacks of cash for Movember which, in case you don’t know, is a charity that aims to raise funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer each November. 

All you need to do is, erm, be single, buy a ticket in advance from their website and lastly, grab a wing buddy of the opposite sex (just so they know they have an even number of dons and dolls.) Here’s the event on Facebook too…

“Come with a mate, leave with a date” said Time Out.

Nothing says it clearer than that.



Etsy Crush: Loving Alice

Nobody doesn’t like flowers.. and especially not super duper pretty flowers on a pretty head band.. which is why Isobel Drummond’s gorgeous little business – ‘Loving Alice‘ – has been growing (flower pun!) and blooming (bam!) in front of our very eyes.
Coming from a fashion, fine art and photography background, Isobel was looking for ways to combine her clever creative skills with her current position of a fashion and celebrity stylist… (busy lady is Isobel..)
She only started making her gorgeous headbands a month ago and has already had members of the Made in Chelsea cast, Geordie Shore and Abi Alton wearing them out and about and on t’telly too. Clever Isobel.

Me, feeling like a princess in my 'Loving Alice' flower crown..

Me, feeling like a princess in my ‘Loving Alice’ flower crown..

She makes them in all sizes and all colours, from pale creams and off-whites through to pinks, purples and even blacks.. so you can mix and match and pick out petals that are just right for you… I asked for pink as today is Wear it Pink Day… so I can be pretty in pink and raise awareness for Breast Cancer all at the same time. 
Some people where them around the house and others have bought them for parties, weddings or festivals.. I wish I’d had one when I was at Wilderness!

'Loving Alice' corsages worn by the X Factor dancers

‘Loving Alice’ corsages worn by the X Factor dancers

You can buy one of your very own in her Etsy shop, and you can also enter my snazzy competition to win a bespoke ‘Loving Alice’ gorgeous flower crown! Just see below the bottom of this post, (it’s open to the UK only)
Bloomin’ marvellous.

Win a Loving Alice Flower Crown!

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The Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa, Dorset


The last time I was in Christchurch, I was in New Zealand, bombing it around in a camper van, clambering up mountains and falling flat on my face trying to kite surf. Not this time… 

This time, I found myself staying at the stunning Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa – a luxury destination in the heart of Christchurch, Dorset. We drove from London, (2 and a half hours – easy peasy) and arrived to the smell of fresh sea air and the taste of salt on my lips. (Nothing to do with my Monster Munch.) 

After the receptionist had checked what time we’d like to have dinner and asked us which paper we’d like the following morning, we were whisked up to our room… and as they closed the door behind us, I audibly whooped. Whoop! This expansive room deserved a standing ovation and several high kicks of excitement..

There was a bath in my room!

There was a bath in my room!

Christchurch Hotel

There was a bath IN MY ROOM. For me, this is the ultimate in luxury and I was very excited. The room was decorated beautifully in a calm, soft and nautical colour palette. It featured a large flatscreen TV, a Nespresso machine, a kettle with tea and biccies, fresh fruit, complimentary bottled water, free wifi, an ironing board and a minibar stocked within an inch of its life. Hurruh! 

There was a little jumping on the bed, another whoop as I realised I had an en suite bathroom as well as the bath, with a massive shower and yummy products from The White Company.. then I flung myself on the bed (where someone else may or may not have already been snoozing) and watched Superman. Because I COULD.

The bed was so floaty and comfortable – like a massive cloud, made of marshmallows… and with a bit (a lot) of luxury linen thrown in. Heaven. 

My 5ft king size, four poster bed

My 5ft king size, four poster bed

I whooped and giggled to myself for about half an hour, watched Superman, made tea, sat in the bath in all my clothes (no water in bath, worry not) got out of the bath, listened to music, (on the very snazzy iphone dock), tried to be grown up and gazed at the exceptional view from our window… 

I took this photo from the hotel room window around dusk, a bit later in the day but you get the idea - it's incredibly beautiful...

I took this photo from the hotel room window around dusk, a bit later in the day but you get the idea – it’s incredibly beautiful…

We headed out to explore the harbour and grab some lunch. The hotel itself has its own kayaks and paddle boards, but on this occasion a stroll was completely perfect. We drove down to Mudeford Quay and meandered slowly around, saying hello to the locals and cheering on the little ones who were catching (and releasing) crabs at an impressive rate..

Christchurch Hotel
Christchurch Hotel

Messing about in boats..

Messing about in boats..

Lunch came in the form of freshly caught anchovies and crab, eaten out of its shell, while we sat on the quay wall and dangled our legs over the sparkling water. 

There may also have been chips. And Guinness.

Christchurch Hotel
Christchurch Hotel
After lunch we explored the area a little more and drove down many a wiggly and windy country lane. It’s such a beautiful part of the world – picturesque and charming. After a few hours we meandered back to the hotel in time for dinner at the Upper Deck Bar and Restaurant… but not before we had investigated the spa I’d heard so much about… 

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, a whole new haven appeared from behind a single door… The hotel spa features a pool, areas for relaxation, a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, crystal steam room, salt grotto, state-of-the-art gym, treatment rooms (massages, manicures etc) and a ‘rest and refresh’ area. There are complimentary herbal teas and slippers, robes and towels are all provided… (I had the time of my life) AND, all room rates include free use of the spa facilities! Kaboom!

After all the excitement, it was time to shower and head down for dinner…

We sat at the long bar for a pre-dinner cocktail, before being shown to our table. We ordered the taster menu – this consisted of four courses, desserts and a different wine to compliment each course, presented at our table by a highly knowledgeable sommelier… Holy. Moly.

Christchurch Hotel

Cocktails before dinner..

Dinner was spectacular. I don’t have any pictures of the food itself as the candlelit restaurant was a little too dark to take snaps, but I can tell you exactly what we ate… and how it was one of the most enormous (it really was!) and delicious meals I’ve ever had.

Here’s our menu:

Be impressed – I managed (just!) to eat it all! The waiting staff were so lovely and attentive and looked after us beautifully. The food was immaculately presented and was utterly delicious and as fresh as fresh can be… most of it was straight out of the sea! The hotel and its incredible chef, Alex Aitken, are very big on fabulous, seasonal and sustainable food – there were so many wonderful flavours and everything was cooked to perfection. It was divine. 

We rolled slowly (I’m very serious) out of the restaurant and headed back to the room, where I did a (much slower) celebratory dance in honour of the BATH IN MY ROOM, we brushed our teeth, watched ‘The Great Escape’ and fell fast asleep before it ended.. (I’m assuming they escaped? And escaped greatly?)

Marmite: model's own

Marmite: model’s own

Sunday morning arrived and we had breakfast and Sunday papers in the tub, overlooking the beautiful view of the harbour… I could not have been happier, nor felt more pampered.

Bath salts were provided (although once I poured them in and the water had turned bright blue, I called down to check with reception that they were in fact bath salts and not something else entirely..) and with a scrumptious brekkie of soft boiled eggs and soldiers, hot buttered toast with marmalade and a pot of steaming tea, I was a very happy Poppy indeed.

I LOVED my stay at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa – everything about it was romantic and beautiful and special – it’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination for weddings.  

We may only have been there for one night, but I left feeling as though I’d had a week away… it is a super special place to go. Magical. Luxurious. Heavenly.

If only I could have brought that amazing bath home with me… but I fear someone may have spotted it stuffed up my jumper…


Poppy was a guest at The Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa and you can see even more piccies here.


Massages, tea and ahhhhhhh…

Jivita Ayurveda

Jivita Ayurveda

I had no idea that such a haven of calm and loveliness existed just up the road from me, on Chamberlayne Road. But it does it does it does.

And it comes in the form of Jivita Ayurveda – an organic (tea, cereal, herbs, you name it) wellbeing centre in the heart of Kensal Rise. Which, incidentally used to be somewhere a bit, erm , meh. And NOW it’s all oooooh and aaaaaah and la la la I want to live HERE.

Anu, the genius behind the gem, runs the show and offers everything from health consultation, body and beauty treatments, yummy eatables for the ayurvedic (what? More on that in a bit) and organic kitchen and lovely gifts for folk who like a bit of sustainable living.

Jivita Ayurveda originates from ancient Sanskrit (I just had a flash of Indiana Jones) and means knowledge and vitality for life. Which is exactly what I needed when I crashed through the doors, out of the pouring rain (I’m sorry – I’m still thinking about Harrison Ford..) a couple of weeks ago. I was completely shattered as had been up the night before with a sore eye (I actually had a sore eye. That’s all I know. It’s not sore any more – it just twitched a bit the following day) and had been ridiculously busy with life stuff. Life gets busy! My life gets busy. I thought it was Monday today. It’s not. It’s Wednesday. That’s how busy.

Anyway, it says on the tin that ‘a visit to Jivita Ayurveda will restore vitality and inner calm and empower you to lead a healthier and balanced life.’ 

You didn’t have to tell me twice.

In I crashed, out of the rain (done that bit) and was welcomed immediately by a very lovely lady (she was so CALM) who handed me a delicious and steaming cup of honey and ginger tea. (I suspect I looked a bit maniacal, what with the twitchy eye and wet, Worzel Gummidge hair.) I sat on a comfy chair and calmed the crackers down. 

Anu came and got me and I followed her into a room of loveliness. Candles, music, smelly things. Lovely lovely lovely. I would have started crying at the joy of finding (immediately, apparently) my new found inner peace, but thought that might make her feel a bit uncomfortable and maybe she wouldn’t want to give me a lovely massage.

This is not me, but this is where I was and this is how I felt...

This is not me, but this is where I was and this is how I felt…

Then it was naked Poppy (pants on) under warm fluffy towels and all I had to do was relax. I had a full body massage, which meant I got to lie down and be massaged from head to foot. It was amazing and is called, most aptly, ‘instant stress relief.’ (Keep reading for your chance to win a foot massage! Heaven…)

Ayurveda is an ancient science in healing, originating in India and the team at Jivita Ayurveda has been carefully handpicked based on their product knowledge, treatments and experience. They really know what they’re doing over there and they offer everything from massages to facials, holistic and lifestyle advice to personalised detox programs.

I floated out onto Chamberlayne Road on a cloud of calm and hopped on the 28 bus. 

I was so zen, I managed to miss my stop.

But being so zen and all, I didn’t care one jot.

89 Chamberlayne Road
Kensal Rise
NW10 3ND


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I am a culinary genius! (Thank you, The Recipe Kit)

I love cooking, but I do sometimes find myself in a rut. I have my old faithful recipes, some sure-thing spice combos and one or two show stoppers (can’t possibly reveal how easy these are here, or you will no longer thing I am a culinary genius. *Snorts*) I am not afraid of herbs and spices… I just don’t always know what to do with them. Or where to put them. 

I would occasionally like to bust out of my Poppy safety bubble and whirl around the kitchen like Animal from the Muppets, in clouds of sugar and spice craziness with bubbling pots of mysterious amazingness all around me… only to emerge with a sensational meal that makes everyone cry. (I’m not sure Animal is sexy enough – I want to swap with what’s-her-chops from Bewitched. Thank you.)

Low and behold, a couple of weeks ago my wish was granted. Ta da! Enter The Recipe Kit. I selected my favourite 3 recipes from their website, (there are 9 to choose from each week) and they sent me everything I needed in a big (biodegradable) box. Everything had been measured out in the exact quantity required and packaged up in neatly labelled bags and boxes. 

Each recipe comes with an instruction card, with simple step-by-step instructions of how, what and when to do everything. They also go one step further by teaching you new cooking skills, advising what wine you should drink with the meal and even what music you should listen to… it’s a cooking masterclass and the best bit is that you can do it all in your own kitchen. In your slippers. Or in your pants. (I wasn’t in my pants, but if you wanted to cook starkers there’s be no judgement from me.) (But do wear an apron. #healthandsafety)

The three recipes I chose were Crab Fishcakes with Poached Duck Eggs and Peashoot Salad, Lamb Kofteh with Barberries and Tabouleh Salad… AND… Curried Prawns with Salted Lemons and Tender Stemmed Broccoli. Wow. Wow. Wow.

All our ingredients, measured, packaged and labelled for us

All our ingredients, measured, packaged and labelled for us

We made the recipes throughout the week and they were so SO easy to follow. Each had unusual ingredients, new cooking lingo I wasn’t too familiar with and I had grown in confidence with my new found cooking skills after making the first recipe – the crab cakes.

The recipe kit

Poppy’s been dicing…

All their recipes are healthy and well balanced with super fresh ingredients, (from the farm to your door on the same day.) They use local suppliers who provide seasonal produce and, the best bit is that the recipe kits are delivered to your very door.

The dishes were so delicious and we had such a sense of pride when we ate them. The kitchen didn’t know what had hit it. Pestles were bashed in Mortars, eggs were poached free stylee, there was blanching, dicing, marinading and zesting… and I had a delicious meal cooked for me by a very VERY lovely man (more on him another day) when I couldn’t lift a finger after my Gobstopper Removal.

Recipe Kit

Ta da! Crab Fishcakes with poached duck eggs and peashoot salad! Made by Poppy!

The Recipe Kit always offer at least 3 veggie options, the recipes are culturally and culinarily (is that a word?) diverse, they deliver nationwide and with prices starting at £4.90 per person, per meal, it’s almost a bit too good to be true. 

It gets better – The Recipe Kit are giving Poppy Loves readers an exclusive 30% discount! Just enter ‘lovedinner’ at checkout.

Go on. Get your Chef on…


Chocoholic Afternoon Tea
at Pullman, St Pancras

To celebrate Chocolate Week (14th – 20th October) (and yes, chocolate week DOES exist, I didn’t make it up) (although you’d be forgiven for thinking that I had) the Golden Arrow Bar and Lounge at the Pullman Hotel at St Pancras have created a chocoholic’s dream of a High Tea.

Continue Reading…


Cocktails and Treasure Islands
at Central & Co

I have discovered a little gem. It twinkles and shines… it knocks up the most yummy cocktails and serves mouth-watering food that made my eyes water. (I got a little bit of chilli in my eye, but even if that hadn’t happened, I would have cried with happiness – it’s THAT GOOD.)

Let me introduce you to the most marvellous Central & Co. Situated on Great Marlborough Street, just opposite Carnaby St, this restaurant/bar has found itself a brilliant location and was busy and bustling with a chattering London crowd when we turned up last week.

Chicken Liver Parfait with Yorkshire pudding and red onion jam - £6.50

Chicken Liver Parfait with Yorkshire pudding and red onion jam – £6.50

Central & Co offers a selection of small plates, which are a big part of the menu. I’m not sure what would have sprung to mind before, had someone mentioned ‘British tapas’, but this is what it most certainly is. And it’s not pineapple and cheese on sticks (although, don’t mock it – love it) or soggy sausage rolls. Nope, it’s chicken liver parfait (lighter than air), mini salmon fishcakes, warm scotch duck eggs (this is about the time I started crying with happiness) glazed baby sausages and several other dishes – all sourced from this land we call Great Britain (cue: Land of Hope and Glory.) (I’m starting to cry again.)

Warm Scotch Duck Egg, house marinated Central pickles & mixed leaves - £6

Warm Scotch Duck Egg, house marinated Central pickles & mixed leaves – £6

These smaller sharing plates sit alongside larger plates, which include classic British aces with a Central twist; The Central Beef Burger looked amazing (our neighbours were tucking in) and we ordered the Pollock and Chips and Welsh Mussels.

Pollock and Chips, Camden ale battered pollock, hand-cut chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce

Pollock and Chips, Camden ale battered pollock, hand-cut chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce

Welsh Mussels, English cider, leaks, sage, cream and warm bread

Welsh Mussels, English cider, leaks, sage, cream and warm bread

The food is absolutely fantastic and the prices, even more so. Small plates range from between £5 – £7 and the larger plates from £7 – £12. For such a classy menu and venue, (ding! rhyme!) the food bill will be a lovely surprise.
We finished off our amazing meal by ordering a Lemon Thyme Posset to share. Heavenly.

Lemon-Thyme Posset, with fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce

Lemon-Thyme Posset, with fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce

Downstairs in their candlelit bar, (& Co) the very clever Jimmy was whipping up a Treasure Island Rum storm, especially for Cocktail Week. ‘& Co’ specialise in outstanding cocktails anyway, (think creme brulee martinis…) so to experience the expertise and passion of the mixing magicians during National Cocktail Week was a real treat.

The Silver Swizzle, Rum, lime, sugar, bitters, Velvet Falernum - 'An Island legend. Sweet but full of fire'

The Silver Swizzle, Rum, lime, sugar, bitters, Velvet Falernum – ‘An Island legend. Sweet but full of fire’

You may have seen me shout about ‘Drink the Classics’ on my Facebook page, but if you missed it, & Co spent each week of last month transforming itself into a different timeless tale, complete with themed cocktails and props. We were there during ‘Treasure Island Week’ – all the cocktails were rum based, while copies of Treasure Island were on all the tables.. the candlelit room made it rather difficult to take snaps, but you can see the bar in all its glory here. We sampled 4 cocktails between the two of us, and they were seriously yummy. Who knew how versatile rum was?! Not me. 

I may also have had a sneaky hot chocolate.. couldn't resist...

I may also have had a sneaky hot chocolate.. couldn’t resist…

To sum up, if you’re looking for an exceptionally reasonably priced scrummy meal, mega-delicious British fare prepared beautifully and with pride, gorgeous cocktails that make your legs wobbly (that may just be me) set in a prime Soho spot in the heart of London, then Central & Co is the winning ticket.
I loved it and have already been back, so I may well see you there…
22 Great Marlborough St

Bettane & Desseauve wine tasting
at the Saatchi Gallery

red wine

Pic from Bar Simple

I’m not a big wine drinker. In fact, I am a pathetic wine drinker. It makes me fall over. And my legs feel like custard. And it’s not after a bottle – it’s after about 2 sips.. so I think wine and I will never have a true romance. (It does mean I am a very cheap date though.)

However, I love everything else about wine. The ritual of it, the look of it, the evenings surrounding it and the knowledge behind it… it’s an art.

If you are a wine lover, you’ll be very pleased to hear that France, Italy, Spain and Greece have gathered together their very best wine producers and will be popping them on a plane to whizz them over to the Saatchi Gallery. For, this is where the second and terribly exciting Bettane + Desseauve Wine Experience is taking place.

These clever folk (they know their grapes) will be presenting to a public of professionals (my uncle) amateurs (you – no offence – if you win my competition) and one complete novice who knows nothing about wine (me).

I have 10 pairs of tickets to give away (yes, 10!) and you can enter at the bottom of this post.

There will be several events taking place over the tasting, including:

A wine auction organized by The Grape Foundation on the Friday evening – the funds collected will be donated to disadvantaged children

The Chardonnays Masters by the Drinks Business: a selection of Chardonnay wines from all over the world have been tasted by a panel of experts, the award-winning wines will be presented during the Wine Experience.

Wine Premiere Awards: a presentation of 12 innovative wine projects. Visitors can vote for the most innovative project, during the Wine Experience, and win a prize.

There will be lots of talks and masterclasses and lots and lots of yummy wine to taste.. you can read about it until your tongue turns red on their website here.

The event takes place on the 25th and 26th October. If you’d like to attend, just enter below!

Good luck and and maybe I’ll see you there…



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Book Club: November book ideas please!

For those of you that don’t know, I run a little book club here in the blogosphere. I actually am part of a real life book club with real life lovely friends, (I do have friends, you see) but I thought it would be nice to open the virtual doors so you can all read along and join in the discussions at the end.

Anyway, book club has been off the menu for the last couple of months as it’s all been so busy over here, what with Paris, Edinburgh and lumps in boobs (all benign by the way! Whoop whoop!)

So, I have decided to get a wriggle on in time for November’s book club and throw out the net to you lovely folk to help me choose a book.

I need to make a decision by the end of next week so I can announce it in time for November, so if you have any recommendations, please either leave me a comment below or add it to the discussion over here.
If you want to join in the book club fun, please do make sure you’ve joined my Book Club list so I can keep you in the loop of when the discussions will take place.
ALSO I am going to be starting a real life (where we can TALK to each other) book club for you and other bloggers. It will take place monthly, local to Notting Hill and there will absolutely be cake. If you’d like more info on this or would like to be involved, please drop me a line here and I’ll be in touch with details.
Have a lovely Monday everybody, and thank you in advance for your help!

French Connection
Parka Love

Snow Rhumba Hooded Parka Coat - French Connection - £190

Snow Rhumba Hooded Parka Coat – French Connection – £190

I do love a parka. Especially now in this inbetweeny weather – I can layer up with the best of them, but having a gorgeous parka in my wacky weather arsenal is the cream on the cake. Specifically a cream cake from Lantana in Soho.

Freda Hooded Parka Coat – French Connection – £220
Freda Hooded Parka Gilet – French Connection – £140

The latest collection from French Connection has everything you could wish for – aside from the super-duper-cosiness, each of the parkas has a special original feature (oooooh) including contrast sleeves, mahoosive oversized front pockets (I do love a good pocket) and faux fur trim enhancement for the style goddess in you. (Not sure where mine is at the moment.. *looks at slippers* ..on a tea break I think.)

Rhumba Faux Fur Parka Coat – French Connection – £190

I don’t know about you but I’m just trying to decide which one I like the best so I can be warm, tucked up  and cosy and ready to face Winter head on. Kapow.