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Road to recovery

A very, very big squeezy thank you for all your lovely messages and words of encouragement. I’m recovering very well and enjoying having the best excuse ever to lie about on the sofa, watch shiny moving things on TV and do, erm, nothing. I am guilt free. And full of cake. (And for those of you that have no idea what I’m nattering about, you can read all about my de-lumped lumpy boob here.)

Cherry Jam Muffins - better than paracetamol

Cherry Jam Muffins – better than paracetamol

Feeling wobbly and woozy isn’t huge amounts of fun and I was given all kinds of clever drugs to keep up my sleeves to help make the process as comfortable as possible… but it’s been the small and simple things, which have made the beginning of my recovery as easy and lovely as it could possibly be; tea, cake, hugs, (you know who you are) High Society (Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly ahhhhh..) and an Urbanara cosy blanket are the top items in my Get-Well-Poppy-Kit.. I highly recommend all five.

Gotland Grey Blanket - Urbanara - £55 - 100% wool

Gotland Grey Blanket – Urbanara – £55 – 100% wool


I will probably be a bit slow to respond on emails, messages and comments over the next week or so, but intend to be back to firing on all Poppy cylinders before you can say Cherry Jam Muffins. (And I can say that really fast.)

Lots of love and I’ll be beeping here again soon..


Lump in the night


There’s only one thing worse than lumpy custard, and that’s a lumpy boob. Especially when there’s a history of breast cancer in your family.. and especially when you find the lump in said lumpy boob at 3am and it feels like the size of gobstopper. Like those ones in the 80’s. Not the sensible re-sized ones for the millennium that you can’t choke on. Im talking mahoosive gobstoppers, like they had in The Goonies. Love that film.

So that was me a few weeks ago, panicking in the middle of the night that I had in fact grown myself a massive cancer monster gobstopper in my boob. It was not a good moment. Not.

Within 24 hours I was at my GP, (a big sloppy kiss to the NHS) and then a series of boob detectives proceeded to investigate.  I had two biopsies (yep, two. They’re not much fun, are they?) an ultrasound, (was quite relieved they didn’t say “Congratulations! It’s a boy!” I’ve watched too many episodes of Casualty..) a Mamogram (squish) and an MRI.

Can we just talk about that for a second.. WHO invented this machine? For crying out loud. I was on my front, boobs squished, legs bent, paper pants, head face down in a pillow, a line in my arm, a machine that sounds like a pneumatic drill and no cake, no crisps and no music, (was on my front so the headphones wouldn’t work.)

I had to stay still for 30 minutes. Stay still? 30 minutes? These things don’t belong together in the same sentence. But that’s what had to happen so that’s what I did. So I sang (OUT LOUD) Les Mis – from the very beginning “Look down, look down..” all the way to “BEFORE YOU SAY ANOTHER WORD JAVERRRRT!!” It’s hard to sing a duet by yourself, but I did it. I was almost sad when it was over – I was looking forward to my muffled rendition of One Day More… (it would have been excellent.)

Dermot O Leary Coppafeel

Dermot’s on board with CoppaFeel

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that the main boob detective at the hospital (he has a badge and everything) is pretty confident (99% sure) my gobstopper, (which is not nearly as big as a gobstopper) is benign… but he wants to whisk it out anyway. And I don’t blame him. No one likes a lump. Not in custard and not in boobs.
So tomorrow I shall be going to hospital for a gobstopper-ectomy and I hope to be home the same day and drinking chicken soup (courtesy of my amazing mum) by sun down.

Fearne Cotton Coppafeel

Fearne Cotton Copping a Feel…

I check my boobs. Do you? I have been very lucky and fingers crossed the lump will turn out to actually be completely benign (maybe it actually is a gobstopper) and that will be that. But I wouldn’t have found it if I wasn’t regularly checking. If you have no idea how to check your boobs, the brilliant charity CoppaFeel can show you exactly how here. Dawn Porter is a big fan, (and we know how much she loves boobies) and Fern Cotton is also a huge advocate – pop over there and have a look. They’re doing brilliant work and will even ping you a reminder to check your breasts… like a Boob PA.

Catching cancer early is key – so go off and check for any lumps and bumps. Any doubt? Go and see your doc and get him/her on your team.

For now, I have a date with a general anaesthetic and some paper pants.

I will see you on the other side..




Techy review: iPad Mini

My iPhone and I have always been best buddies. Even when I dropped it in the loo. Even when I smashed the screen and I had to go to the Apple Store and wait for 3 hours with no chocolate cake in sight.. It has always been one of my favourite things in my trusty bag (it ties with my emergency bag of Monster Munch) and it is rarely out of my reach. It’s my lifeline to the Bigger Picture and I love that I can connect with people whether I’m on a train, on a mountain or on a beach.

Little did I know that there was a new best buddy on the horizon.. one just as pretty, white and shiny.. and that does things bigger and, um, sometimes better..?

Introducing my new best friend – the iPad Mini. This twinkly treasure (which I got from Argos) is slowly but surely becoming an essential part of my out-and-about-blogging-kit and is bringing me all kinds of happiness. That is not an exaggeration – I have been watching catch-up TV and movies on trains. MOVIES ON TRAINS! Don’t ever underestimate the amount of joy this can bring anyone. Especially me. Especially when it’s Cocktail. *Sigh*

I am a big emailer – they ping in and ping out extremely frequently and keeping up with them all can be tricky, to say the least. I have often found myself tapping maniacally on my iPhone, on the teeny tiny keyboard, trying to check my teeny tiny spelling and grammar on the teeny tiny screen.. but no more. Nope. Emailing on the iPad mini is a treat – the screen (7.9″) is bright and clear and feels big. It’s so much easier to organise emails and when there’s no wifi I just stack them up and send them all when tinternet reappears… it’s a bit dreamy..

Facetime has been brilliant! I’m used to contorting myself into all kinds of funny positions on my iPhone.. (“can you see me now? Now? NOW?”) but I’ve been nattering away (and cooking/doodling at the same time) with un-pixelated ease, with pals in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and, um, Bristol…

I’ve also linked up to my Kindle account and am finally catching up on all those books I’d downloaded but hadn’t yet read.. (by the by, have you read Wolf Hall? Loving it.)

iCal looks slick and smart and Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest all look and work beautifully on the iPad mini – the screen resolution is super sharp (I’d heard rumours that this wasn’t the case) and the large images make working on these old faithful apps a complete pleasure. I have even discovered some new snazzy apps, one in particular, which is fast becoming top of the pops for me..

Pocket is a gorgeous little app, which allows you to save web pages to read later when you’re offline. This is great if you’re zoning in and out of wifi, (this would have been so helpful when I was at Wilderness in August) or if you know you’ll be somewhere with no webbynet for a bit. I love the concept of popping things in your pocket for later.. be it web page or hobnob.

I am loving hanging out with my new pal and I feel as though I’m really only scratching the surface. If you have an iPad mini and you know of an app I should have or some little iPad secrets – please pass them my way!

I may even share my Monster Munch..

iPad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB
£269 at Argos


Theatre: War Horse
New London Theatre

“The theatrical event of the decade!” toots The Times… “The most moving and spectacular play in London!” shouts the Sunday Express… “A remarkable astonishing piece of theatre!” bellows Time Out.. 

“Oh goodie!” peeps Poppy – I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a bit good.

War Horse is not good. It’s outstanding.

I thought I was probably the last person in the world to see it, given that it opened in 2007.. but, nay (horse pun!) apparently I was not. The theatre was packed and with so many  different groups of people.. school children (very well behaved too), families, young couples, older couples, elderly couples.. and considering that most of them were on their feet, cheering and hollering at the end, this National Theatre production of War Horse clearly resonates with people on many different levels at very different points in their lives. war horse

Before I talk about the horse (THE HORSE IS AMAZING), I want to talk about the story. I knew it was going to be about a boy and his horse. Oh and WW1.. but what I wasn’t expecting was such a deep and poignant portrayal of life in deepest, darkest Devon, nor such a sensitive and emotional depiction of family life and their and Albert’s (main chap) hardships and struggles in this exceptionally challenging point in British history. 


And back to the horse.. the puppetry (and there’s not just a horse) is exceptional. I don’t want to ruin it for you so won’t babble on.. but you can take it from me that you will gasp, you will be wide eyed and you will be amazed at how, at several times during the show, you will not help but believe that a full size, glossy coated, super powerful, full size horse is charging around the stage… it is one of the most magical spells ever cast upon me, (even more magical than when I tried to turn myself into a frog, aged 6. It wasn’t hugely successful.) war horse

There is a deep and intelligent beauty to this production. The hugely talented cast appear to dance through the acts, with a grace and sensitivity, which made me (and the man next to me) weep.  Several times. 

It’s production with a simple and stirring story, which brims with magic and, I thought, miracles. 

I loved every toe tingling moment.. and my toes continued to tingle all the way home.

Well done, War Horse.

Well done.

War Horse is at the New London Theatre 
Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5PW

There are 50 tickets on sale at £12 for every performance – give them a call on 020 7452 3000 to find out if there are any available on the date you have in mind…


Book Launch: ‘The Roses Grow Wild’
by Annette Bettè Kellow

‘The Roses Grow Wild’ is Annette Bettè Kellow’s debut novel; a bohemian love story set in the vibrant East End of London. 

A novel, which is said to be in the style of Lena Durham’s  TV show ‘Girls’ and captures London life with a passionate honesty and authentic realism of time and place…

Annette recently graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama, and Ela Their Writing Academy in New York. She is a model, an actress, a writer and has written films focusing on fashion, art and poetry for brands such as Illamasqua, Gucci and Fifi Cachnil… so how could I pass up the opportunity to interview this super smart and sassy lady just days before her book launch? 

I couldn’t. Here it is.  

POPPY: Why did you want to write THIS book?
CLEVER ANNETTE: I wrote this book to highlight some issues, including depression and struggles that I believe many young people face in todays over saturated society – the characters are all kinds of dreamers and I also wanted to show some things that have been happening in London including fashion, music, culture, art and areas.
POPPY: What is your favourite thing about London?
CLEVER ANNETTE: You can be inconspicuous! It is a great big ball of pressure but it is also mysterious in itself, which has some charm in it – also coming from a tiny town in Devon, where if you wear a vintage fur coat you’re looked upon as a nutter, it’s great to be more ‘free’ in London, no one bats an eyelid if you wear pyjamas out shopping.
POPPY: Big pants or little pants?
CLEVER ANNETTE: Absolutely huge pants! I have a pair of 1940s ones that are verging on bloomers.
POPPY: What was the hardest part of writing this book?
CLEVER ANNETTE: Probably writing about depression within women, which I have suffered from in periods after being homeless at 15, because nearly all of the characters have their own situation of not seeing straight at times.
POPPY: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
CLEVER ANNETTE: Once I got caught throwing a Ferrero Rocher at Toby Anstis’ head at a charity bash because he was rude to me, he was not impressed. I am not very good in social situations and always end up saying the stupidest of things. 
POPPY: Red sauce or brown sauce?
CLEVER ANNETTE: Brown (with bacon!)
POPPY: What’s your favourite item of clothing?
CLEVER ANNETTE: A 1940s jumper with embroidered flowers
POPPY: Who’s your hero?
CLEVER ANNETTE: I admire strong women like Hedy Lamar, Regina Spektor, Audrey Hepburn and I am big fans of Molly Parkin.
POPPY: What’s your biggest regret in life?
CLEVER ANNETTE: Not realising sooner that one should not have regrets – when you know that you kind of start living in the present.
POPPY: If you weren’t you, who would you be?
CLEVER ANNETTE: My dog Dorothy! Her life is so simple and sweet and all she wants is a warm cuddle at the end of the day.
POPPY: What’s your number one piece of advice to an aspiring author?
CLEVER ANNETTE: Don’t bother looking up how other authors did it, or the best way to finish a novel or get an agent – just write from the heart, keep writing every day because if you stop for a day, then it may not get finished. Oh and love what you do, then you will be fulfilled!
‘The Roses Grow Wild’ by Annette Bettè Kellow
Book launch at Foyles
113 – 119 Charing Cross Road, London, Wc2H 0EB

Pandora’s (very sparkly) box..

Twinkle twinkle sparkle sparkle.. I could see the new Pandora sign shimmering like a mirage from the top my bus, as I whizzed (crawled) past Bond St station.. and my, the store is quite the dazzler.

Pandora, a trail blazer in affordable luxury jewellery, hit the UK shores five years ago and to celebrate, (my autocorrect keeps wanting to change that to celibate – not taking it personally) they have launched their new flagship store in the new Park House complex on Oxford St. And it is stunning.

The store has two levels, with the top floor designed specifically for entertaining, e.g. press events, celebrity appointments or other special occasions. There is a bar (a bar! And gorgeous one at that) beautiful comfy furniture, soft lighting and a sense of, um… James Bond, about the space. It has been designed by the ever so clever Grape Associates, who are also responsible for a little hotel called The Dorchester. Have you heard of it? S’alright.

They’ve done a sterling job here and Pandora’s femininity and sophistication shines through and bounces off the glimmering champagne bottles nestling in the walls…

Pandora not only know how to do jewellery, but they apparently are also masters at throwing a rather delectable party… 

With all kinds of Alice and Wonderland type yumminess, (brought to us by the amazing caterers Table Talk) champagne in abundance… 



…manicures from Wah Nails..

I got me some roses!
 …and tunes being spun by a DJ marvel, I didn’t ever want to leave.


I also was given a rather beautiful gift, which I am popping on here as a giveaway to one lucky reader – this beautiful sterling silver Feather Necklace Pendant, (the giveaway comes with a beautiful chain) which is part of Pandora’s magical and enchanting AW13 collection. 

Pandora – Feather Necklace Pendant – £110

To enter, just follow the instructions below. 

Pandora’s flagship store officially opened on 30th August 2013, so you can put down that Hobnob, hop on a bus and go and visit one of Oxford street’s newest and most sparkling additions.. 

I may see you there..

Pandora Flagship Store
Park House
465 Oxford Street

Win a beautiful Feather Necklace Pendant from Pandora!

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Autumn days..

Monsoon – Nantego Bag – £45

Here it comes.. I can feel it creeping round the corner and inviting itself for crumpets and tea. Hello Autumn. We’ve been waiting for you.

Autumn is my favourite season when it comes to my wardrobe. I like being cosy, but not so wrapped up that I can’t move my head from side to side.. nor so cold that I can’t feel my lips and end up dribbling hot chocolate all over my lap. That obviously didn’t happen last year. In November. In Le Pain Quotidien.

It’s also one of the more pricey seasons when it comes to clothes – the material is often heavier and there’s generally more of it – so I am taking it slowly and adding things to my wardrobe bit by bit.

This weekend I feel in love with this quilted dress from HOBBS NW3. I hadn’t intended to fall in love. It just happened. 

HOBBS NW3 – Quilted Dress – £69

Look how neatly they’re wrapping it up for me! The wrapping paper is designed by one of  HOBBS’ very own illustrators..

HOBBS NW3 – Quilted Dress – £69

It fits beautifully and is perfect for this inbetweeny weather. Right now I’m wearing it with bare legs, (I didn’t buy the bare legs – they are mine. I grew them myself) and sandals. But as the days grow colder, I’ll team it with tights and boots.. can’t wait.

My two other recent purchases are this super pretty and cosy bobble neckline jumper from M&S..

M&S Indigo collection: Bobble neckline jumper – £39.50
M&S Indigo collection: Bobble neckline jumper – £39.50

…and this gorgeous Monsoon tote..

Monsoon – Nantego Bag – £45

Monsoon – Nantego bag – £45

I have had so many compliments on this bag in the four days that I have owned it. A woman stopped me on the bus to admire it and ask where it’s from – it’s a bit of a showstopper. It’s sturdy and elegant and very spacious. I’m carting around my wallet, headphones, iPad mini (in its ever so pretty case, thank you Ted Baker) make-up and Kindle and there is still lots of room to spare…

Ted Baker – Bow tablet case – £39

Neither of these items are ridiculously pricy and I think they all look and feel far more expensive than their actual price point.

So go forth and pinch my wardrobe. I won’t mind. Just don’t sit next to me on the bus… (unless you’ve got Twiglets.)


Music to my ears (..and win a pair of Philips Downtown Denim Headphones!)

Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

I love listening to music when I’m out and about.. it’s like having a soundtrack to my life. Somedays I’ll be skipping down the street in the sunshine to Rosi Golan, and other days I’ll be listening secretly to Les Mis on the tube. ONE DAY MOREEEEE!! (I have been known to cry at ‘Bring Him Home’ on the Northern Line. It wasn’t my greatest moment..)

The headphones I wear really makes or breaks the listening experience, and I have been lucky enough to be in the possession of a pair of the new Philips Downtown Denims. (Cue ‘Ooooooooh’) 

Philips sent them to me to try out over a four week period, as part of their You Need to Hear This campaign. They have been coming with me on all my adventures over the last few weeks and the verdict is in. Poppy Loves.

Not only are these headphones great for sound quality, but they Look Awesome. (Can I say ‘awesome’ and not be American and get away with it? Do I sound ridiculous? I need a better word.) The main headband is covered in white stitched denim – it’s looks really cool (can I say ‘cool’?) and stylish and they have certainly been causing heads (three, so far) to turn.

Back to the sound quality – Philips have integrated MusicSeal Technology into the headphones, which essentially means your music won’t leak out and annoy all the people around you. And it really works. I turned my music up to a silly level (ouch!) and still it couldn’t be a heard by my friend sitting next to me on the tube. It works both ways too – sitting on the Central Line (I do get around you know) listening to my tunes, I was blissfully unaware of the chattering commuters, the argumentative child next to me and the ricketty rumbling of the train.

The headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear – they are so soft! Made of a faux leather, they feel like you are wearing giant marshmallows on your ears. I wore them for 4 hours on the trot recently, on the train home from Edinburgh, and they remained comfortable for the entire journey.

The really good news is that I have a pair to give away! See below for competition details, and in the meantime I suggest you give your tinny smartphone headphones the heave-ho and jump on board the sound revolution with me. I am SO COOL! 

(I’m listening to My Fair Lady. Shhhh.)

Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

WIN a pair of Philips Downtown Denim Headphones!

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Poppy à Paris (Part 2: Hotel Pont Royal)

I wrote last week about the first half of my Parisian (oooo la la) adventure, which began on the Eurostar – you can read about this here – and involved more croissants than I would normally recommend for a week. Let alone breakfast. *Does 20 sit ups* (Totally am not doing 20 sit ups, don’t be ridiculous.)

The Pont Royal hotel lobby

The Pont Royal hotel lobby

When I arrived at Garre de Nord, I hopped into une taxi, which whizzed me over (15 mins, if you please) to my beautiful accommodation for the night – the glorious Hotel Pont Royal, a five star hotel, set in the heart of the super stylish Saint-Germain de Prés area – one of the most sought after locations in Paris.

Hotel Pont Royal has a natural elegance about it (like Grace Kelly) and prides itself on a rather long literary and artistic heritage. The hotel’s Signature Bar was a firm favourite of the likes of authors like Hemmingway, Miller, Fitzgerald, and also painters Miro, Chagall and Buffet would enjoy a tipple while chatting about the weather… or perhaps paintbrushes.

The Signature Bar

The Signature Bar

Two star Michelin chef,  Joel Robuchon has created stunning menus for both the restaurant and the bar, which was also once a regular hotspot for the likes of Jean-Paul Sartre and Francoise Sagan. (Let me just pick those names up off the floor..) There may have been a wonderful selection of cocktails as well… I may have had one. Um, I may have had two.

My balcony

My balcony

The view from my balcony

The view from my balcony

In my cosy Hotel Pont Royal slippers..

In my cosy Hotel Pont Royal slippers..

My room was just lovely and I had an amazing view of Paris from my balcony. There are 65 rooms and 10 suites in the hotel, which have wonderful views and high ceilings to give you a sense of space in bustling city..

Hotel Pont Royal

Poppy dans l’ascenseur

Beautiful, old, traditional, romantic Paris shone throughout the hotel. From the dark wood panelling in the lifts, to the tap fittings in my bathroom – all the rooms are authentically decorated, to echo the Parisian Left Bank’s rich culture and heritage. There is a wonderful sense of history and pride in the detail. I really felt that this hotel had many stories to tell… if only the walls could talk..

So nice for the TV to welcome me too..

So nice for the TV to welcome me too..

The location really couldn’t be better – everything really is in walking distance; The Champs Elysées, Concorde, The Louvre and Musee D’Orsay, you’re a stone’s throw away from the galleries, designers and publishing houses.. and of course, you’re just a few minutes stroll from the Seine. I set off with my trusty map, (couldn’t have looked more like a tourist) and explored the streets…

Best. Ice cream. Ever. Oh, and the Seine.

Best. Ice cream. Ever. Oh, and the Seine.

Hotel Pont Royal
Poppy in Paris. Dress – Monsoon Shoes – Aldo
Hotel Pont Royal
Musée d’Orsay

I walked along the Seine and found my way to the Eiffel Tower.. although the unbelievably delicious apricot tarte, which I had bought from one of the prettiest patisseries I’ve ever seen, got most of my attention… 

I marched my socks (wasn’t wearing socks) off and my tired legs and I slept very well that evening. The next day I woke up to a delicious buffet breakfast, as much tea as I could handle and extremely smiley waiters and waitresses. They were an absolute delight, as were all the staff at the hotel – they could not have been more charming.

More croissants...

More croissants…

After breakfast I packed up my bits and bobs, checked out and left my bag with reception so I could roam the city for another full day, before jumping on Eurostar at 8:30pm to whizz me home to London.

Delicious choccies from the hotel..

Delicious choccies from the hotel..

I had such a wonderful stay in Paris and couldn’t have packed more into my overnight stay. The location of the hotel really enabled me to make the most of my time and never once did I feel rushed or time poor.

Hotel Pont Royal is not only a stunning hotel, but an integral part of a legendary neighbourhood that continues to perpetuate a first-class literary and artistic tradition.. 

And I loved it.

Hotel Pont Royal
5 – 7 rue de Montalembert
75007 PARIS

I was very snappy happy! To see all my Paris photographs, click here.

Poppy was a guest for one night at Hotel Pont Royal 


Nuts about Coco

I love coffee, but sometimes I don’t want a hot steaming milky frothy (mmmm) latte.. I often opt for an iced coffee when I’m out and about in this warm weather as I haven’t come across many other options that tickle my fancy – most of the boxed drinks are usually packed to the hilt with sugar.

So it was with great delight that I got to try these two delicious drinks from Coco Cafe – a fusion of espresso and coconut water… I could already hear the coconuts knocking together..

Poppy on Portobello Road with Coco Cafe Mocha

Poppy on Portobello Road with Coco Cafe Mocha

This kinda-caffe-latte blends together 100% natural (ding!) coconut water and semi skimmed milk,  which gives you a natural (there’s that word again) energy boost, and also keeps you nice and hydrated.

I had the Cafe Latte Mocha drink, as I wobbled down Portobello Road after being in the gym (don’t laugh) and I really felt the difference. (After the gym I usually want to cry and stamp on things, except I can’t as my legs are too wobbly.) It was absolutely delicious. 

Coco Cafe’s main ingredient is 100% natural coconut water, which is packed with potassium (do I get points for alliteration?) and bursting with electrolytes from young, green coconuts. (I also thought that electrolytes sound dangerous. They’re not. Don’t worry. They’re what you find in all kinds of sporty drinks, except these ones are natural.)

Coco Cafe Latte at Baker Street Station - my favourite of the two

Coco Cafe Latte at Baker Street Station – my favourite of the two

So what with the hydration and nutritional benefits, the natural metabolic zingy boost I get from the 120mg caffeine in the espresso shot, the utter deliciousness and the comforting notes of Caribbean life, palm trees swaying, sea, sand and kicking back-ness…  there is no going back for Poppy.

I’m hooked.



Poetry in motion

I was in my own little world on the tube yesterday, listening to Fleetwood Mac on my headphones.. when I saw this poem opposite me. 

I loved it. So, I wanted to share it with you. Just take a moment to read and enjoy…

Poems on the Underground: Buses in the Strand

The Strand is beautiful with buses,
Fat and majestical in form,
Red like tomatoes in their trusses
In August, when the sun is warm.

They cluster in the builded chasm,
Corpulent fruit, a hundred strong,
And now and then a secret spasm
Spurs them a yard or two along.

Scarlet and portly and seraphic,
Contented in the summer’s prime,
They beam among the jumbled traffic,
Patiently ripening with time,

Till, with a final jerk and rumble,
The Strand tomatoes, fat and fair,
Roll past the traffic lights and tumble
Gleefully down Trafalgar Square.

R P Lister

Reprinted by permission of The New Yorker Magazine