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When you live in London, it’s very easy to wake up one day and realise that you haven’t been anywhere else for ages and ages.. and ages. There is always something to do or see, so you forget that you can just jump on a bus or train, visit another one of our amazing cities, see something super duper and be home by tea time. Or dinner time. Or breakfast, if you fancy staying over…

I have recently discovered The Ministry of Craft in Manchester, (I was googling ‘how do I make a cushion cover? HELP!’) And I stumbled upon this here hub of craftiness and artiness and all round splendid creativity.

Whether you’re a total beginner, (me! Poppy!) or you already have some skills (smug you) and you want to advance your knowledge, this is the place for you. There are courses in sewing, dress making, lampshade making, paper craft and printing, jewellery making, mosaics, embroidery and many many more… you can even learn how to sew your own knickers! LOVE that. (You can never have too many pants.)

It’s sociable, friendly and apparently, they really know how to make a good cuppa oop Norf.

There’s also no reason why you have to whizz up and down on the train at breakneck speed – why not make a weekend of it and stay over? Take in the sights? (Ever been to The Lowry? Go!) And if you’re stuck for somewhere to stay, you could look at Venere.

Let me know if you’re going – you may well find me sewing myself to a lampshade…


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9 thoughts on “Bit crafty

  1. Wow that sounds incredible!!
    I love getting the sewing machine out, but having someone teach how to make things (properly) would be amazing! I’ve been considering taking a trip to London (I live in rainy Scotland) and I think this has just convinced me!! :)

    Joan xx

    Valley Girl

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