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Scandi Style: Quince Living
(and a teapot giveaway)


Blossom Teapot – £28

Hello hello hello! Here I am! It’s been a couple of weeks of quiet over here for Poppy. I rather underestimated the length of my ‘Do This Before You Do Anything Else’ list,  and also the amount of emails that would be blinking at me post holiday.. but I reached the end of my long list this morning and I think I am winning! *Collapses on floor*

Bird Song Camping Set - £24

Bird Song Camping Set – £24

Today I want to tell you all about a lovely little company, Quince Living, which I recently discovered while scampering around tinternet looking for a wedding gift.

Quince Living is a family run online store, packed full of beautiful Scandinavian inspired goodies – all of which make me dribble a little bit. I couldn’t resist and now have the adorable Blossom Teapot (above) sitting on my kitchen table. I love it. *Sigh* ( You can win this teapot for yourself! See below for details..)

Arbour Harbour Milk Jug - £24

Arbour Harbour Milk Jug – £24

Quince Living was launched by Neil and Sophie – a husband and wife team extraordinaire, and with their beady eyes for style, they quickly stocked their amazing store with gorgeous pieces from designers such as Nikuku, Orla Kiely, Le Creuset and Joseph Joseph.

You’ll find beautiful bits and pieces for all areas of the home, including gifts for him, her and kiddiewinks too.

Une Pomme signed print - £40

Une Pomme signed print – £40

It’s a beautiful little corner of the webbynet and I suggest you clicketty click yourselves over there forthwith.

Win this Blossom Teapot with Oak Lid!

If you would like to win this wonderful prize from Quince Living, then just enter my giveaway below. (Click on the Rafflecopter link if it doesn’t pop up.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Pinterest launches in the UK

Pic from

Ever since I was small, I have loved looking at other people’s photographs and pictures. Pouring over old dusty photo albums, or gazing for hours at the photos on my grandparents’ mantelpiece were regular pastimes… I would see stories, feel feelings, hear music and laughter or sense a sadness.. I’d be moved, reminded… inspired.

A picture really can tell a thousand words. 

I LOVE pictures and if you haven’t noticed, there are millions of them all over tinternet. Over the years I have copied and pasted, clicked and saved, created hundreds of (incredibly disorganised) folders on my computer, (on my desktop, shhh) with names such as ‘Cakes I Like’ ‘Really Amazing Cakes’ ‘Pink Cakes (I like cake) ‘CAKE FOREVER’, in an effort to catalogue and keep all the amazing pictures I was seeing every day.

It wasn’t a great system.. but it turns out I wasn’t the only one. 

So, when I discovered Pinterest (a little while ago now) I whooped, (out loud) with happiness.

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, let me enlighten you so you too can whoop (out loud). Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organising pictures of the things you love. You can ‘pin’  things from all over the wonderful web onto mood boards you have created, on any topic you like.

I have created boards on all kinds of things I love, (cake features heavily) including fashion, food, design and even cafes I have visited.. here’s a peek at my board, ‘Move Over Cupcake’

I love the seasons and so have created a board just for Spring, which includes all kinds of things which inspire me – new blooms, pretty dresses, pastel shades, um, cake.. (can’t help it, sorry.) You can see this board here and here is one of my favourite pics from it..

The thing that’s so clever about Pinterest, is that each picture links back directly to the original source. So, if you click on a picture of a delicious looking cookie, you can be linked straight over to the recipe. 

Or perhaps you like the look of a pretty dress? You can be whisked over to the web page where you can buy it, or maybe even get the pattern to make it yourself.. *snorts into cup of tea* 
*Resolves to dig out sewing machine from cupboard* 
*Apologises mentally to her amazing grandma. Several times*

The main reason I am writing this post today is because Pinterest has recently launched in the UK (Hurruh!) so, if you are in the UK and already a merry ‘Pinner’, you can follow me here. Or, if you haven’t already got the pinning bug, click here and get Pinvolved! 

Looking forward to seeing you there…

p.s. Hello! Here I am! I’ve been away for a few days on holibubs and it’s ever so nice to be back. There will be stories and pics to follow.. and if you aren’t already connected to me on Instagram, you can catch a sneaky preview here xx