Hello Sunshine

Soda Fountain Dress in ginger – www.ModCloth.com

I love shirt dresses. They look effortless, understated, very feminine and they have sleeves. I’m a fan of sleeves. I don’t mind how little the sleeve is, but please let there be a sleeve. 

I just discovered this dress and I love it. It’s from ModCloth, who are based in the States but who also deliver to the UK – ding! This is their Soda Fountain Dress and retails at $44.99 – which is just under £29 for us. It comes in a variety of colours, but this hue is doing it for me.

Saffron the Ball Flats – www.ModCloth.com

After delving around their site I stumbled across these- Saffron The Ball Flats – also from ModCloth and also very pretty. I can get a bit hot and sweaty in closed ballet pumps during the Summer, so these would be perfect for me and my tootsies.

Need Sunglasses – OPI

I thought if I was going yellow, I should probably go yellow all the way and this shade from OPI is not shy! It’s called ‘Need Sunglasses‘ (appropriate) and is zingy and bright and sunshiny with a lovely shimmery sheen. You will need a good base coat for this one – it’s not the thickest of polishes so you’ll need a bit of support from underneath.

So there you have it – I say let’s all dress up in yellow and do a Birdie Song flash mob.

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