Brown Sugar Shortbread
Baking Kit

Now THAT is what I like to see landing on my doormat. A pretty blue tin filled with yummies which I can just throw together in a bowl and make me some shortbread. Yee ha.

Suzy Pelta

This baking kit is the brainchild of one Miss Suzy Pelta and is one of three you can choose from, including Mini Victoria Sponge, Brown Sugar Shortbread and Chocolate Sugar Scones. Yep. Yum.

Suzy had sent me the baking kit for the Brown Sugar Shortbread and so a couple of days ago I put on my favourite pinny and had a Suzy Pelta baking afternoon. (Complete with flour up the walls, in my hair and somehow in the radio?) Each baking tin come complete with everything you need, pre-measured and packaged and an easy-to-follow instructions sheet too… lovely. (And perfect for Poppy.)

The only ingredient I had to supply myself was butter – above you can see flour, corn flour, sugar and mahoosive chocolate buttons. (The choccy buttons were to make a dipping sauce afterwards, but my brother ate them all before I could make it. This is true. He asked me not to put this in. But I have done anyway. Ha.)

The first job was to cream together the butter and brown sugar. Now, I don’t have a cake mixer at the moment and so I do this by hand. It is HARD! Is it just me? Am I missing something? Seriously, I have to picture my grandma doing it so that I don’t give up and get the Dremmel out. If she could do it, I can do it. But, OW.

took a photo of the dough all rolled out in its long log before I popped it into the fridge… but honestly, my photo looks too weird and wibbly to show you.. But look look look how pretty my little shortbreads are all pricked so neatly with a fork! (I did that.) *Smug Poppy* 

And here they are straight out of the oven! I was getting very excited at this point. They looked like shortbread, they smelled like shortbread…

And they tasted like shortbread! Really really REALLY delicious and very profesh. Not too sweet and perfectly balanced. I can say this without being show-offy as I can’t actually take any of the credit at all – it is all down to the kit. I just had to mix it together.

I sprinkled them with lavender sugar and popped then in my cookie tin. I made 26 pieces altogether and they’ve been a hit with everyone who’s popped in for tea.

p.s. They would have been even better with the chocolate dipping sauce…

Bake with Suzy

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60 thoughts on “Brown Sugar Shortbread
Baking Kit

  1. Hi Poppy

    I’ve been following you on facebook, twitter and google+ for sometime. You have a lovely page full of things that interest me so I like to ‘pop in’ and ‘catch up’ with your latest updates. Baking is one of my hobbies too and these lovely shortbreads look to good to leave uneaten for long!

  2. loved your post on privacy and then I wished every blogger was like you, so that we could really judge by what they write and not by how they look… which really does affect our opinion. Anyway, thanks for the lovely giveaway. I entered. Have a blog, but not posting anymore.
    GFC: Meg


  3. I haven’t got a blog, just wanted to let you know I followed you via GFC as Saetana as there was no space for me to put my username in that particular rafflecopter entry ;o)

  4. Sorry, should have said my Rafflecopter entries are under my real name (Nikki Hayes) but I do GFC under the username of Saetana ;o)

  5. They Look fab ;-) I dont have a blog but have been reading your blog for a while now!! and on Facebook
    Fiona Harris,

  6. I dont have a blog as I have no idea how to even start one but love reading other blogs and getting ideas and learning some fab things ;o)

  7. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. You have a super cute blog, I can’t wait to read more. You can find me at


  8. love the tins, really cool idea, i love baking, no blog sorry, (yet) blueberry muffins in the oven as i type , would love to win, thanks for the chance xx

  9. Lovely gift ideas or great for the ocassional bakers and a nice tin to keep all those bit and bobs in.

  10. LOVE the tin LOVE the colours LOVE the idea of a cake/bikkie in a tin LOVE LOVE LOVE Poppy Loves.

  11. Hiya – I don’t have a blog yet. It’s in the pipeline though. You did a good job with the shortbread :) x

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