Wishful thinking for Spring

Spring! It’s coming.. despite what the weather may be thinking and I cannot wait. Over here in NZ it’s coming to the end of Summer and Autumn is peeking round the corner, so to know that I am coming back to the UK in a week just as the seasons are turning is a bit too good to be true. 

Being over here makes me miss the simple things over there.. and when I simple things, I don’t mean toast and jam. I mean going shopping for bras in John Lewis. I have found myself sitting in a cafe in Queenstown (one of the most beautiful spots in the world) browsing their website in a whimsical state.. slightly delirious. M will be gazing at the mountains, while I will be dreaming of a pink Magimix. I feel no guilt. The mountains are stunning, but what good are they really if you can’t get up them because you’re spending all your time chopping carrots for lunch? Everyone needs a pink Magimix. Surely.

I thought I’d share with you my secret (GUILT FREE) wish list, which I’ve been dreaming of as I’ve fished, hiked and rafted, (that’s today actually – if you don’t hear from me again you’ll know I didn’t make it back alive). (I should probably add a small note here for my mum and aunt who I know read this – I didn’t really mean that.) (For the rest of you , you know it’s slightly true.) (Mum, it’s not true.)

1. It’s a PINK MAGIMIX! Oh yes it is. £369.95

Get me those carrots and I’ll chop them and be up the mountain before you can say “I am OUTDOORS POPPY AND I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF LIPGLOSS! MUAH HA HA HA”

2. Mr Fox Cushion – £40
I love the colour and I love the zing! I’d love this in my home to brighten up the sofa and welcome in the Spring with a big ‘Well hello!’

This is the year I am going to get properly green fingered. I’ve always dabbled a bit on my balcony, but have never really gone for it. As soon as I have a little green patch to myself I’ll be potting and planting with the best of them… I can’t wait and I LOVE this very pretty range.
I’d love to brighten up one of the walls in my kitchen with this cheery wallpaper from the very clever Orla Kiely… lovely lovely.
A version of these sandals  have been a staple of Dune for a few years now and I would like to say that I was (one of) the FIRST to discover them. Super comfy and they go with anything. Mine are a bit tired now, so it’s time for a new pair…
So there you have it – this are the things of my dreams at the moment… and now I’m going to go and throw myself down the Shotover River. (Mum, don’t worry.)
(The rest of you – worry.)

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4 thoughts on “Wishful thinking for Spring

  1. BEAUTIFUL sandals- I’m longing for summer at the moment, and those would be just perfect for picnic-ing (is that even a verb…?) in the sun!

  2. As lovely as they are in their simplicity and understated elegance, you won’t be tramping up Ben Lomond in them there sandals!
    Love your site and hope you had a wonderful time in NZ :)

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