Pretty up: OPI’s Mermaid Tears

About 10 days ago, I was taken for a manicure by my friend Cristina, and it was so nice! It felt like even more of a treat coz it was a prezzie, and for some reason I was filled with a kind of reckless bravery when it came to choosing my colour. Pink? Pah. I went for DARKER THAN THE DARKEST YOU’VE EVER SEEN GREEN.  

I loved it and have been feeling like a very cool version of myself, but over the last few days it’s really started to chip and I have been feeling mostly more Grotbags than Garbo…

So today, after teaching piano, (I teach piano) I popped into Julie’s Nails on Notting Hill Gate and selected my colour from the OPI range. (OPI is definitely my favourite brand of nail polish – it’s the only one that doesn’t seem to chip… do you experience the same?) Having put it to the Facebook massive earlier in the day, we’d collectively decided that I should go for coral. Lovely.

But SOMETHING HAPPENED. (Can’t seem to stop using capital letters now. Sorry). The same courageous Poppy came bubbling to the surface and I, as Braveheart would have done had he been into manicures, roared with laughter at the pinks and corals and instead, picked out this beautiful minty green shade and held it high in the air, (like He-Man) and everybody cheered. Kind of.

This gorgeous OPI colour is called P18 Mermaid Tears and is perfect for welcoming in the Spring – I can’t wait for it, so maybe now that the weather fairies can see my nails, they’ll get a wriggle on.

One last thing – I’m always on the lookout for new colours and brands of nail polish – please share your secrets if you have some!



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3 thoughts on “Pretty up: OPI’s Mermaid Tears

  1. Must admit I don’t get to do my nails often as I just don’t have time and they are really weak and are a bit bendy. I do like that green colour though. I sometimes sprinkle fine glitter dust over my nails as they dry to give them a twinkle more than a full on sparkle :)

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