Don’t worry. Bee Happy.

Last Saturday morning I ate buttered toast covered in honey. Really good runny honey that oozed off the sides and down my hand… it all got kind of sticky after that but still, it was very very delicious.

I love honey and I love bees. Did you know that bees contribute around £200m to the UK economy through pollination? No? Me neither. I’ve been doing me some reading and boy oh boy we need to look after our buzzy buddies.

Bees are vanishing, ( you may have noticed..) but there ARE things we can do, including bee friendly gardening, adopting a hive, buying local honey, sponsoring a meadow… I know! Who knew…

I went for a stroll in Kensington later that day and popped into Accessorize where I found me this sweet little necklace.

It’s my way of showing support to the beautiful honeybees and every time I wear it, it reminds me to be mindful of even the smallest and simplest things.

Like toast and honey.


Poppy’s Bee Necklace – Bella Bee Pendant

The Vanishing Bees – read about it here…

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14 thoughts on “Don’t worry. Bee Happy.

  1. I dislike bee’s (the buzzy real ones that fly around) has i have a phobia of them and wasps….but the weird thing is im ADDICTED to bee and wasp and fly jewellery and accessories and pendants >_< strange me

  2. Thank you for promoting bee welfare. You point out some great ways to be supportive! Bees, and that very pretty necklace, rock!

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