Type hype


I typed this. Me. Poppy. I.

I typed it on my iPhone, then pinged it to myself and popped it up here for all the world to see. Clever me.

The Amazing Typewriter‘ is a gorgeous retro little app and I love love love it. Record your thoughts and texty doodles, then tweet ’em, email ’em or save them to peruse or ping at a later date.

It looks like a a typewriter, it sounds like a typewriter (with the scratchy clicks and the ‘ding!’ and everything!) and somehow makes you feel that what you are writing is very clever and poignant. Which, of course it is.

There are only a limited number available to buy, so do get a wriggle on if it tickles your fancy.


p.s. Am back from NZ. Thank you for all your welcome home messages – it’s lovely to be back x x x

Download the app here

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