Train reaction
(and win brekky for two)

Remember those little station cafés which were always clean and pretty and smelling of freshly baked cakes and gingerbread porridge and the people working there were bouncy and friendly and sunshiny smiley ALL THE TIME? No, me neither.

So you can understand my Poppy chin hitting the floor (ouch) when stumbling upon ‘Brown and Green’ –  a little slice of station café heaven in the heart of Gipsy Hill.

Laura and Jess Tilli (who you may know as Those Amazing Twins from The Restaurant, or as the Recipe Gurus behind Florentine and Pig) have done wondrous things with their ickle corner of Gipsy Hill Station in South London.

Serving baked-on-site-amazers-treats, (think oozey caramel slices and soft squidgy fruity muffins), warming banana, raisin and honey porridge and scrummy toasties for a yum-take-away-run-and-catch-your-train brekky… and on top of all of that they’ve also got their mum’s homemade jam in abundance and their coffee bang on.

There’s fresh fruit and veggies exploding out of every cupboard, dish, salad and sarnie they whip up and oodles of fresh flowers scattered in quirky vintage jugs around the café. It’s just so gorgeous and welcoming – just like being in your granny’s kitchen.

I love it much much much and think you should get down there pronto and let the Brown and Green gang rock your brekky (or lunchy) world.

Give them a kiss from me while you’re at it.

p.s. A little bird told me they’re looking for a shiny new helper, so if you think you’ve got a café crush and the right amount of vavavoom, then drop them a line with your bits and bobs.

Fancy winning brekky for you and a pal?

Just join my mailing list and become a fan of their Facebook page to win – couldn’t be easier.

See you there Popsicles.

Comp ends 3rd May. Good luck!

Brown and Green Café

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