Make your own teabags! It’s true!

Make your own teabags? Yes yes yes! I found this clever little idea over on A Beautiful Mess and I thought I’d try my Poppy hand at it. BE impressed.

I love loose tea, so this was a perfect little craft project for me.. and I think they’d make pretty brilly gifts too.

This is what you need:

Loose tea, (1-2 teaspoon per bag, depending on how strong you like it)
Any spices you wish to mix in with your tea…ginger, cinnamon, chai etc..
Coffee filter paper
Pretty card for the tags
Stapler, scissors, sticky tape and needle and thread, (or a sewing machine if you have one)

Step 1: Cut your coffee filter paper into a long rectangle which you can fold in half – I used the folded edge of the coffee filter paper.

Step 2: Stitch around the edges, (check out my blanket stitch, Mrs Smith, Home Economics, 1990) fill with your loose tea and spices and then fold down the two corners as I have done. (Ooo this is like Blue Peter).

Step 3: Attach a short length of ribbon with a single staple, ensuring it’s tucked neatly underneath – looks more profesh I think ;-)


Step 4: Make yourself some dinky tags, (you can write on them too) and fasten them to the other end of the ribbon with glue or sticky tape.

That’s it! Look at my pretty teabags! It’s so easy peasy… and you can tell from my stitching that I’m a bit of a beginner, but I bet that if I gave a box of these pretties to an unsuspecting pal it would knock their shoes and socks off.

Whooosh, I’m exhausted. 

Time for a cuppa.

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10 thoughts on “Make your own teabags! It’s true!

  1. Brilliant. what a top idea! I have some loose tea from a hamper, wil definitely be trying these.

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