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Most of you know that I’ve spent the last few months upside down out here in New Zealand… bouncing up and down the country in a personality packed retro camper van, seeing the sights, meeting the people, falling off bikes (ouch) and fishing. (Not actually catching fish, but hanging about, chatting with a rod).

I’m leaving Christchurch tomorrow to head to Queenstown, where I’ll be spending my final two weeks. So today is Packing Day, and I am a little confused. Everything fitted in my hand luggage and suitcase when I came 6 months ago. And now it does not. 

I know this is not a rare phenomenon, but still, when it happens, it takes you by surprise. I have 7 lip glosses, (why?) and a ridiculous number of pants. (Although I stand by my decision there, you can never have enough pants. My grandma said so.) But SHOES! I can’t remember how I got them here. I definitely only wore one pair on the plane.. I have un-sexy massive walking boots, Uggs and cowboy boots.. and sandals and jandals and pumps. Oh my. What can I leave behind? I definitely have to take my fishing rod – you never know when one might need a rod in London. 

I eventually turned to the bible that is Google for advice, and after scrolling through vintage archives I stumbled across this nugget of wisdom, written by Alison Settle for The Lady in 1952:

“EVERY wise woman, when on holiday intent, strives to reduce her luggage to a minimum. For only thus is the carefree able to go here, there and everywhere, as fancy suggests.”


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4 thoughts on “Poppy’s Packing

  1. You remind me of me! I ended up shipping a whole extra suitcase home after being in the UK for 4 months. Pleased to hear you are enjoying your time here. You will love queenstown, we live just over the hill from there in Wanaka. It is a pretty amazing part of the country down here. Enjoy your last 2 weeks!

    1. Hello! I’ve actually been to Queenstown a few times this trip, (because it is THAT special) and managed to pop over to Wanaka once while I was at it – lovely lovely lovely! I think I may have had the best ice cream ever there… ;-) I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you! x

  2. I love it! I recently enjoyed a three week European sailing holiday, with only few land stops…couldn’t believe how many hats, shoes, sunglasses t shirts I gathered along the way. When we returned the boat I put a bag of shoes clothes hats etc near the bins and left. Walking around the town next day I spotted a lady wearing my hat, shoes and sunglasses happily strolling along the piazza! Gold!

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