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The Daily Grind: Ginger and White


Milky, blandy, burnty, wishy washy coffee? Er, no thank you, for I am Poppy and I take my coffee seriously (ish). Thank the twinkly stars for my lovely friend Suzy, who not only has the biggest smile I know and the naughtiest giggle in town, she also introduced me to her local and coffee mecca, Ginger and White‘. 

They’re based in Hampstead but have recently opened a second branch on England’s Lane in Belsize Park, (goodie goodie) as they were getting too full of happy people drinking their top notch  coffee, eating their cakes and generally having a very nice time, thank you.

What’s their secret? Ginger and White use seasonal, hand roasted beans from East London’s boutique coffee roastery, ‘Square Mile‘. Who knew coffee could have a “buttery almond quality” “notes of cherry” and a “toffee sweetness”… but it does. Yip. It does.

The menu is bursting with scrumptious British nostalgic scrummies, from soft boiled eggs with marmite soldiers and sausage and brown sauce butties, to scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. 

There’s outdoor seating aplenty, with blankets and heaters if you get chillychops… and with it being family friendly too, they really have got it cracked.



p.s. If you go and you see Suzy, please give her a kiss from me.
p.p.s. You should probably tell her that’s what you’re doing or you might get arrested.

4a-5a Perrin’s Court
London, NW3 1QS

Belsize Park
2 England’s Lane
London, NW3 4TG