Monthly Archives: November 2011

There’s no place like home…


There are girls in little dresses shivering all over London at 2am, standing on street corners trying to not look like they’re breaking the law and desperately scanning streets for cash, often tipsy and ouchy shoes. Ouch.

Three cabbies, who thought this was all very silly have banged their heads together (intentionally) and hurruh! They have come up with a bit of a clever app, named Hailo. Ding!

Download it to your phone and it will get busy finding the nearest black cab to where you are. (Clever Hailo) You can pay on your phone with a credit card and you will be sent their license plate details, a piccie of your cabbie, (swoon) a direct dial button (handy – dialling is exhausting) and an estimated time of arrival, so you can stay cosy indoors and eat cookies til your knight in shining cab arrives.

Over 2000 black cabs have registered and the service has also been approved by Transport for London, so it’s safe, sassy and, in Poppy’s opinion, a no brainer.

So pop your ruby slippers away, you’ll be home before you know it.