Monthly Archives: August 2011

Cheesey does it


I love a bit of cheese.

But, I am a novice and do get in a pickle when faced with a big stinky (good stinky) selection of cheese. I know my Cheddars from my Edams, (*takes bow*) but I do NOT know my Kicummin from my Montsec, nor my Tetilla from my Taupiniere. So I’m loving this shop – La Fromagerie in Marylebone, London. 

A lovely little shop, stocking nearly 200 cheeses, (stinky), home made veggie tarts and quiches, chocolate, olives croissants and it also boasts a sweet tasting cafe.

It allows you to choose by animal, (Buffalo anyone?) country or texture. You can walk in and shout GOAT! SOFT!  FRANCE! And you’ll be sent off with a bundle of Banon before you can say ‘Bingo!’ 

p.s. If you’re local, they’ll deliver for free! Crackajack.

La Fromagerie
4 Moxton Street
London, W1V 4EW