Carry on Glamping

“I’m getting back to nature!” you cry. “I LOVE having no running water, I RELISH itchy scratchy bumpy and I LAUGH IN THE FACE of spiders in my knickers. Off you go, with your car bursting with rickety tent paraphernalia poking you in the ribs, tins of beans, wellies, loo roll and a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you may never come home alive.

Stop right there Poppy Lovers, for I (Poppy) have discovered the wonders of luxury camping, or ‘Glamping‘ as the kids on the street (or in the field) are calling it and I am sharing it with you.

Sawday’s Canopy and Stars are creators and providers of true, super duper luxury camping havens all over the UK and France (oui). All gorgeous, all unique and all undoubtably quirky. I’m talking yurts, treehouses, gramophones, shepherd’s huts, telescopes, gypsy caravans… and recording studios. Yip. 

The amazing living space in the top pic is called ‘The Geo’ – an eco pod in Cornwall. A smooth white bubble of style on the edge of rugged Bodmin Moor. It has a private kitchen (!) and bathroom, (BATHROOM!), sits above the vicarage and looks out over the hills. Every morning a scrumptious breakfast hamper (free of charge) is left out for you, with an evening menu for you to peruse should you not feel like cooking. So, you can just curl up on the giant beanbag on your sunny terrace and properly relax. I can hear you packing your bags already. (Include your walking boots – the scenery is stunning).

Family friendly, honeymoony friendly and grab-yer-besties-and-go friendly, they really do have something for everyone. Canopy and Stars treasure the simple things in life and the opportunity to slow down; they believe you can live (and work) in a sustainable, responsible way without having to compromise on fun, (whoop!) excitement, (whoop whoop!) and luxury. Hoorah!

They also have a bit of a thing for pigs, but that’s a whole other story


WIN £100 Canopy and Stars voucher!

It’s true, (no lie), I have a £100 voucher up for grabs for you to win and put towards any one of the delicious Canopy and Stars destinations! 
All you have to do is just one of the following things. However, each one you do counts as an additional entry, so you can be counted up to 5 times! (If you are already doing any of the below they will also be counted as entries). 

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Winner to be picked on Tuesday 10th May, 2011. 
Good luck campers! 
* Voucher is valid for 1 year and normal terms and conditions apply.

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60 thoughts on “Carry on Glamping

  1. How fab does this sound! They perfect way to camp :) @karenL109 following FB, Twitter & RTing

  2. This looks amazing! We’ve done similar in Yorkshire, but the lure of Cornwall is too much – think a holiday is now on the cards … and that £100 would help nicely! ;)

  3. My way of camping plus in comfort, perfect :Dx Following on FB, twitter (@mirrorballgirl) plus RTing. Also following your blog

  4. Just had to educate my bestfriend on glamping so this article is great! Avid follower on twitter (@ncjewellery).

  5. Now thats what I call camping!

    I am following on Twitter and have tweeted

    I also follow your blog, and receive your newsletter.


  6. Hi Poppy. If I’d have known camping could be this much fun, I’d have done it yonks ago :)
    1. Alreay signed up to your mailing list
    2. Commented here :)
    3. Already follow you & now @canopyandstars and Re-tweeted the competition on Twitter @bevleek
    4. Following your blog publicly(under the Twitter sign)
    5. Already a fan on your Facebook page
    Thanks for the fab comp x

  7. Sounds great!

    Have signed up to your newsletter and am following on twitter too (kyber1993)

  8. Am already a follower of your blog and a subscriber i am also a liker of yourpage and im following both on twitter and tweeted this comp so all 5 done lol :)

  9. This prize is ace! Thank you for introducing me to proper Glamping! I’ll be a mean, lean RTing machine @CarrieCaz xxx

  10. Please enter me! I follow the blog, I follow you and Canopy & Stars on Twitter, I like you on facebook, I suscribe to the mailing list – I PRACTICALLY STALK YOU!


  11. Wow, great price!

    I’m now following @canopyandstars on twitter – have already been following you.

    I am already following your blog, liking you on facebook, getting your newsletter. Does that count?

    Tilly (@pandapigmonkey)

  12. Me again! My manager just got back from Glamping and has me soooo jealous with all her little stories. I want some stories to tell too lol! I’m RTing @CarriCaz, I ‘like’ your FB page and your blog is ever so entertaining :-) Good luck everyone

  13. Great prize :)
    Following you both and tweeted too @ellielucky
    Already a subscriber to your mailing list and already a follower of your blog :)
    Liked you on FB too xx

  14. Heya ! I’m a subscriber of your mailing list already and publicly following your Blog .
    I’ve been tweeting as @CRYSTALmse . I’m your FB friend too as Crystal Mse .

    Have a great weekend xx

  15. I so need this! Hubby loves camping and I love a bit of luxury! This way we both win…

    Signed up to mailing list (

  16. Hi Poppy been following you for a while (google) you have some great stories and prizes Love love love unable to follow you on the left with twitter although I do follow your twitter site LOL @chrriss88

    Pop my name in the hat to win haven’t had holiday for 3 years sine I was made redundant (well my job was) Whoop!!!

  17. I was so glad to find this blog- I’ve been looking at loads of glampsites over the past couple of days cause I really want to take my lovely boy there for his birthday! It all looks absolutely gorgeous as well and we both deserve a treat and some time off :)

    Love your blog as well, I’m gonna check it out properly now!

  18. Dont forget glastonbury 2013, an ideal time to go glamping with the stars- best value for a little luxurious roughing it.

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