The best is yet to come


We all have days when we feel a bit down in the dumps. Thing aren’t going so great at work, family is driving us potty…we’ve eaten the last hobnob etc.. Life can certainly be wobbly.

Well fret no more. When you are having a wibble, just turn to the master of The Feel Good Factor, Jen Lewis of JayHell Art. Creator of all things positive, life affirming and motivational, Jen is on your side and believes in the power of you you you. 

Ancient philosophies, such as “Stop faffing and get on with it” and “Baby you’re a firework” pop out to you from the colourful quirky prints and textiles stacked high on the shelves of her gorgeous Etsy shop, inspiring us all to leap out of bed in the morning shouting at the tops of our lungs “BRING IT!”

So no more excuses ladybugs. It’s time to grab life with all fingers and toes and show the world who’s boss.

JayHell Art’s Etsy Shop

WIN this piece of gorgeous JayHell textile wall art!
This inspiring textile wall art has been created using digital fabric transfers, purple wool felt, vintage Liberty fabric applique and recycled calico fabric, with very decorative metallic effect sunshine yellow machine embroidery stitching to embellish…oh yes it has and it can be yours!

All you have to do is just one of the following things. However, each one you do counts as an additional entry, so you can be counted up to 5 times! (If you are already doing any of the below they will also be counted as entries).
1. Follow my blog publicly, by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button, top left of my blog, (under the Twitter sign)
3. Leave a comment below
4. Follow me and JayHellArt and RT the competition on Twitter 
5. Become a fan on my Facebook page
Winner to be picked on Monday 30th May. 


Good luck! x


NB Measuring 7 x 5 inches (approx. 12 x 18 cms) and mounted on to standard depth box canvas measuring 1/2 an inch deep (approx 1.25 cms), the piece is ready to hang or stand

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29 thoughts on “The best is yet to come

  1. Love it! I need it next to my bed as my morning mantra ( actually think I need it about 8ft by 10ft!!!) :-)
    Think I’m doing all of the entry thingys already & will be tweeting too

  2. I love, love, love this. Have signed up to the mailing list, am following and Rting as @4forme and am a fan on FB as Gemma Owen

  3. I love textile wall art, every time I try to make some it always seems to look a bit rubbish. I am always amazed at how other people can do such gorgeous things.

  4. My 16 year old daughter has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. This would be perfect for her to put in her room to remind her when she is feeling bad that everything will be okay.

  5. Hi Poppy

    Wow you are sooo generous!!

    1. I already follow your blog via GFC (feefeegabor at
    2. I’ve signed up to your mailing list
    3. I follow you on twitter already (@feefeegabor) and now follow JayHellArt.
    4. I’ve retweeted the competition on Twitter
    5. I’m a fan on FB too (Fee Edwards MSE).

    Phew! Hope you don’t think I am some crazed stalker after all that. I’m not. Honest.

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