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Dum dum de dum, dum dum de dum. Oooo I do like a veddin and Kate’s and Will’s is just around the corner! A joyous celebration of magical romance and sparkling Britishness just wouldn’t be the same without some super snazzy Royal Wedding themed cupcakes from CRUMBS! Couture Cupcakes! 
Ex-city worker, Lady Cupcake left the rat race to set up this rather delicious company, which has skipped from strength to strength with swirly sugary fondanty ease. And let me just say right now that these are no ordinary cupcakes. Ho no – these vintage style babies are adored by the stars far and wide and were even shipped to India, (how?) for the nuptials of Monsieur Russell Brand and his pretty warbler Katy Perry. And how they loved them; the ooohs. The aaaaahs.
Their selection is dazzling; with banoffee, blueberry and white chocolate sponge and fondant flavours of baileys, lemon, oreos and rose, whatever your beating heart desires your wish is their command…and  if there’s something which doesn’t float your boat, gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free…allergies back in their box please –  they have got it well and truly covered. They’ll magic it up in a cupcakey haze and even pipe your name on it should you require. (Unless your name is really long).

They’ve swirls and sprinkles, fondants and twinkles… and with their cake pops, (yep), vintage sweets, belgian chocolate and a candy bar too, it’s a miracle Alice didn’t shop here for the Mad Hatter’s do.
I’m so terribly excited. I have to lie down.
WIN a BOX of 24 Royal Themed CUPCAKES!
I’m thrilled to the tips of my Poppy toes to offer you all the chance to WIN a box of 24 Royal Wedding themed Crumbs Couture Cupcakes for you and your pals to devour at your street party. Or for breakfast. Whatever you like. All you have to do is just one of the following things. However, each one you do counts as an additional entry, so you can be counted up to 5 times! (If you are already doing any of the below they will also be counted as entries).


2. Leave a comment below
3. Follow me & @cupcakes_london and RT the competition on Twitter
4. Follow my blog publicly, by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button, top left of my blog, (under the Twitter sign)
5. Become a fan on my Facebook page
Winner to be picked on Monday 25th April. 
Good luck popsicles! 
Where do Crumbs! deliver to?
They currently deliver to London and the South East only, but if you win and are outside of the area, you could always surprise a London pal with your winnings…depends how much you love them ;-)
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61 thoughts on “I Do

  1. love cup cakes and I live in the south east too!
    following you both @kohsamuirosie
    rt’d the comp on twitter and following your blog and on fb!

  2. I love cupcakes too :) I am already signed up to the mailing list, following both on Twitter and Facebook, and also following the blog :)

    I have tweeted the giveaway :)


  3. Yes, please! I would be the belle of the royal wedding viewing party with these cupcakes :)

    Also subscribe to emails and follow your blog!

  4. what gorgeous cakes! am following @cupcakes_london and @poppy_loves and get your newsletter already (how I found out about fabulous comp) + now liked you on facebook commented on facebook and commenting here WooHoo have a fab cupcake weekend all
    love @Ces_Creatively
    @light_direction (who will be giving away cupcakes soon too!)
    + @sb_mums (supportive business mums tweeple)

  5. I would love to win these!! They look fantastic!. Wish i could make my poor little cupcakes look as good :(

  6. Fabulous giveaway, would love them myself but my daughter who lives in the South East would enjoy them too :)
    Already subscribed to your mailing list.
    Following both of you on Twitter @ellielucky
    Tweeted too.
    Following your blog thru Google Friend Connect
    Already a fan on FB too :)

  7. I’d already signed up to your newsletter, started following your blog and became a fan on FB a while back but didn’t realise you were on Twitter so I’m now following (@shibzzi) and I’ve RT the comp :)

    Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely LOVE cupcakes and these Crumbs Couture Cupcakes are absolutely delightful ^_^ xx

  8. Hello !
    Thanks for the yummy competition =)
    I’ve already signed up to your newsletter and I’m following your lovely Blog through Google Friend .
    I’ve been tweeting this competition from my Twitter : @CRYSTALmse
    I’m already your friend on Facebook =)

    xx xx xx

  9. such a special comp!already signed up 2 your newsletter and already.im a friend of yours on fb and on twitter.retweeted.
    tweeting as @cee_cee54

  10. Hi, Just signed up to your newsletter
    Following on fb

    Retweeted on Twitter and following as @dancingpudding
    Have a lovely day x

  11. Hello : )

    I am signed upto mailing list via Anisceline@yahoo.co.uk and follow your blog via Google (Yasminselena@yahoo…)

    I’m your friend on Twitter as @CelineAnis and have retweeted and followed @cupcakes london

    I am your fan on Facebook as AnisCeline

    Thanks for the competition. I love cupcakes and if they’re good enough for Brand and Perry they’re good enough for me!

    Yasmin x

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