Fancy a cuppa?


I buy books for their covers and wine for their pretty labels. I like the way they look on my shelves and they make me happy. I’m shallow. What can I say. Sorry.

So it’s hardly surprising that when I spied this twinkly little number peeking out at me from the shelves in my local M&S, I did a little skip, popped it in my basket and danced all the way home.

On went the kettle, out came my mug, up went my feet and I didn’t leave the sofa for about an hour. Completely calming, scented and zingy and so seriously yummy that I don’t feel in the slightest bit guilty about my grocery vanity.

Go on – get down to M&S and get all cosy smug like me.


Organic Green Tea with Lemon
Marks and Spencer

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Competition ends Wednesday 6th April

Good luck ladybugs x 

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11 thoughts on “Fancy a cuppa?

  1. Me too! Totally seduced by packaging and am a marketing man’s dream.

    Tittered at this post because not only did I fall for this pretty little box but also two other flavours. Check out the peppermint and the lemon, ginger and ginseng… delish!


  2. healthy tea, yummy! Will search for healthy biscuits, yum!

    Am a follower and will follow you on Twitter in a mo.

    Lesley x
    Norfolk Crafts Blogspot

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