Not just any old choccy

If you are on a diet, don’t read on. There’s no point. It will upset you, you will probably become violent and I don’t want to take any responsibility for any injuries you may incur.

The image before you is the overwhelmingly delicious Chilli Cube from ‘Melt’ – an astounding haven of homemade chocolate wonderment, hiding away on Notting Hill’s Ledbury Road. 

You’ll find a dizzying (literally, I nearly fell over) array of scrumminess on display, including white chocolate and tonka-bean lollipops, chocolate dipped meringues, sea salt caramels and banana, passionfruit and coconut bonbons. And breathe.

The ‘Melt’ gurus invent all their sensational chocolates and treats all by themselves and cleverly create them on site in an open kitchen, which you can view while sipping molton chocolate from their hot chocolate bar. No lie. Is true. I did it.

You’ll be skipping down Ledbury Road on a natural high before you know it.

The best bit? They deliver. So you don’t even have to put your socks on.




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7 thoughts on “Not just any old choccy

  1. oh poppy i look forward to your daily insights into a life of shops that are so much more exciting than were i live the only thing you will get delivered round here is beer and pizzas

  2. Never been sold on chilli choclate though. Had chilli fudge once before and haven’t been able to face fudge since…

  3. mmm wonder if they deliver to the US?! this sounds absolutely delish, and i am never one to refuse chocolate! xx

  4. Hooray! Yes please. I want the overwhelmingly delicious chilli cube and tonka-bean lollipops and chocolate dipped meringues and sea salt caramels. and I want to eat them all with my socks on. this blog is scrumptious. see, that’s me, skipping down Ledbury Rd…

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