Lost and Found

“The world is a little less difficult
and a lot more fun with you in it.
‘What homage will be paid to beauty that insists on speaking truth…’ p.24
I missed you last week –
The above note was found by Annie in Los Angeles who discovered it on the title page of a secondhand copy of a book of Adrienne Rich poetry.
For more Love letters, old ticket stubs, photographs and more,  I adore this collection of findings, started by some pals in Chicago.
Finders really are keepers.

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2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Poppy, I absolutely love your blog. I have been stuck in doors for a week now (snow bound) when I visit your page its like summer and I am walking around all the places I love in the sunshine. Thanks for all your effort it is appreciated.
    Best Wishes
    Michelle Gregory
    #shellybegood on twitter

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