Bit Tarty

A part of me does not want to share this with you. But I will. Because I’m nice. Maybe I’ll give you a fake address.

Think you’ve had a good custard tart in your time? You have no idea. Cafe Lisboa is the custard tart mecca. This Portuguese cafe on Golborne Road is small, noisy and full of Portuguese people shouting at each other. I don’t know what they’re shouting. Probably something about politics. Or football. Or Strictly Come Dancing, (most likely), but shouting they are and it is loud and funny. 

There are hundreds of unknown and staggeringly naughty looking, just-out-of-the-oven cakes bursting out of the long counter and stacked up the walls in massive trays which look like they’re going to fall on you. (Ah, maybe that’s why they’re all shouting.)  

There are not enough tables so a long queue is part of the furniture, as are the crowds of people huddling outside jiggering (is that a word?) about to stay warm while clasping (excellent) coffees and glorious yummies.

Cafe Lisboa are the masters of the much loved custard tart; known as ‘pastel de nata’. It is a flaky pastry tart so custardy, so yummy, so gloriously gooey that I am nearly moved to tears each time I eat one. I am not overreacting – it’s emotional.

Go there.

Actually, don’t ever go there as I’ll have to fight harder for a table.

Cafe Lisboa
57 Golborne Road
W10 5NR

p.s. Not fake. I couldn’t do it to you.

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