Twinkle Toes


Grooming. It’s exhausting. The plucking, the tweezing, the scrubbing, the waxing..the relentless sprouting. Gosh and darn it. I could be mistaken for a well dressed Wildebeest most of the Winter. (My legs go away for hibernation).

In all honesty, when I put my mind to it, I can be quite good at the whole de-fuzzing thing (if I set aside an entire day and find an unused disposable razor), but I can’t paint my nails for toffee. I have practised too, but it’s no good. I admit defeat in this area and call in the experts.
Enter Julie Nails on Notting Hill Gate. Super good and super cheap. Hurruh. Presenting itself as an ‘American Style’ saloon, Julie’s Nails covers all necessary bases: 
Vietnamese run?
Scary implements used in a no-nonsense fashion leaving your feet silky softie mmmm? 
Clever massage chairs and fancy pedi bowls no one understands how to operate?
No need to book?

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.
Hilariously they won’t let you leave unless they are convinced your nails are bone dry “Don’t move! We’ll tell you!” so take my advice and take your own flip flops to make a safe getaway.
No excuses for tatty tootsies no more. 
You can thank me later.
Julie Nails
91 Notting Hill Gate
W11 3JZ
020 7243 4188

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