I know it’s been a while. Apologies. Some things can’t be helped and I won’t bore you with boring boresomes, but may I say thank you for the messages of encouragement and I look forward to kicking off Autumn in style.

We’re always searching for the new, the best and the mostest excitingest bits and bibs (I mean bobs) to make us feel fresh and new and on the button clued upsy. But for me, there is nothing like a step back to smalldom; when the biggest worry was how I would ever finish my macaroni picture in time to play with mum and do the dusting. (Clever mum).
So, here is a memory. Just a small one. But, the feelings it evokes are great. Larger than the excitement of a pay rise. Happier than the feeling of pretty pedicure before holibubs. This is a glow of warmth, safety, buckles on shoes and sitting on a familiar sofa with your feet dangling above the ground. Ankle socks and the promise of story before bedtime and grandparents on the weekend.
From me to you – enjoy.

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