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Cool, stylish, handmade and wanted, BOW! is the baby of One Off Pink Ribbon and they are shooting for world domination.
And why not. With so many twists on a well loved classic, there seems to be no stopping this spunky free loving company who’s motto is ‘If you can dream it, we will make it’. 
I’m sure that there should be a ‘within reason’ disclaimer in there somewhere, but p’raps the small print is just too weeny. And anyway, who cares. I want it. 
Any fabric, any size, any style, any bow crisis, they are there shouting ‘We’ve got you covered!’ and “Fear not! We are BOW! and we shall bedeck you!” No need for a panic attack either as if you can’t see what you want in their shop, they’ll go out and find it for you. 
If you fancy seeing some BOW! creations in the flesh, you can catch a glimpse or even part with your well earned cash at Poste Mistress on Monmouth or Commercial St. 
Go on. Tie one on.

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