Batter you up

Hiding in a cakey corner of deepest, darkest Dorset lies a heavenly cupcake secret named Lulubelles.
These are not your run-of-the-mill yawnsome cupcakes. No. These are super-duper-home-baked-any-flavour-you-can-think-of-cupcakes with chewy rolo toppings and gooey marshmallow sprinkles.
It’s true.
Traditional English puds feature as inspiration, ranging from Apple Pie Cupcakes, packed with cinnamon, to Banoffee Pie and Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes chocca with almonds, topped with raspberry jam and finished with a swirl of vanilla frosting. Yep yep yep.
More good news? You can win a years supply of these scrummy yummies purely by inventing a new flavour. Quite honestly I’m a bit loathe to share this information as I have my eye on the prize, but should you fancy stepping up to the challenge click on this link and it will whizz you over there.
I’m thinking broccoli and pecan.
Don’t nick it.
I know where you live.
Competition ends 31st May

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