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Batter you up

Hiding in a cakey corner of deepest, darkest Dorset lies a heavenly cupcake secret named Lulubelles.
These are not your run-of-the-mill yawnsome cupcakes. No. These are super-duper-home-baked-any-flavour-you-can-think-of-cupcakes with chewy rolo toppings and gooey marshmallow sprinkles.
It’s true.
Traditional English puds feature as inspiration, ranging from Apple Pie Cupcakes, packed with cinnamon, to Banoffee Pie and Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes chocca with almonds, topped with raspberry jam and finished with a swirl of vanilla frosting. Yep yep yep.
More good news? You can win a years supply of these scrummy yummies purely by inventing a new flavour. Quite honestly I’m a bit loathe to share this information as I have my eye on the prize, but should you fancy stepping up to the challenge click on this link and it will whizz you over there.
I’m thinking broccoli and pecan.
Don’t nick it.
I know where you live.
Competition ends 31st May

Soldier On


There’s something very special about breakfast on a Sunday. 
I don’t need nuffin fancy, nuffin special, but give me soft boiled eggs with hot buttered soldiers and I’m yours for keeps.  Dippy dunky heaven.
There’s an art to creating the perfect boiled egg and I am not ashamed to admit I have never mastered it. Wrong pan, over cooked, burnt fingers and shell roaming where shell should not be. 
However, when it comes to presentation, I’m the bees knees thanks to these babies from yum home and garden fun lovers Strawberry Fool.  Simple, English and classic. 
No need to get eggy after all.

Setting Sale

Shoesies and trinkets and belts and totes,
Earrings and dear things and pendants and boats… (Actually, no boats.)
Tis the London Accessory Sale and with up to 90% off the most droolsom labels you can think of, bargain hungry fashionistas are traveling from far and wide to get their nimble hands on a Chloe, Balenciaga, Gucci or Marc Jacobs, to name but a few.
Crazed women with rolling eyes and elbows sharper than nails will be clawing down the door and fighting tooth and nail to grab those Jimmy Choo’s from under your nose. So what are you waiting for? Where’s your fighting spirit??
Get down there immediately.
Your country needs Choo.
T2, The Old Truman Brewery
85 Brick Lane
E1 6QL
7-9th May
Fri 12-8pm, Sat 12-7pm, Sun 12-6pm

Midnight Cravings



My wish has come true.
Home baked cookies, fresh from the oven delivered to my door at bedtime. Joy. 
Midnite Cookies will bring you your heart’s desire in the wee hours, be it White Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Chip, Oat and Raisin or a Coconut Dream…(breathe).  They deliver from 7pm – 1am and if you live in zone 1, they’ll deliver for free. FREE.
It’s not just cookies, no siree. It’s brownies and milkshakes and ice cream too…flavours and sprinkles and magic and yum all bounding its way over to you and your jammys on the back of a snazzy scooter.
And, if all you fancied was a simple glass of cold milk with your warm caramel pecan cookie, well they’ve got that too. 

Bow Selector


Cool, stylish, handmade and wanted, BOW! is the baby of One Off Pink Ribbon and they are shooting for world domination.
And why not. With so many twists on a well loved classic, there seems to be no stopping this spunky free loving company who’s motto is ‘If you can dream it, we will make it’. 
I’m sure that there should be a ‘within reason’ disclaimer in there somewhere, but p’raps the small print is just too weeny. And anyway, who cares. I want it. 
Any fabric, any size, any style, any bow crisis, they are there shouting ‘We’ve got you covered!’ and “Fear not! We are BOW! and we shall bedeck you!” No need for a panic attack either as if you can’t see what you want in their shop, they’ll go out and find it for you. 
If you fancy seeing some BOW! creations in the flesh, you can catch a glimpse or even part with your well earned cash at Poste Mistress on Monmouth or Commercial St. 
Go on. Tie one on.

Heel the world: Upper Street

No no noooooo it can’t be true.
A place where you can design your very own luxury designer shoe?
Where ‘designer’ = you?
Where you can choose your own colours? Fabrics? Heel height, buckle, trim and strap detail?
Where they will be delivered to your very door whether you live in London or Dibley?

And all online?
Well, bless my sole.
p.s. Poppy’s creation above is a bright and glamorous platform gladiator in tangerine patent, leather and snakeskin. Finished with Swarovski diamante straps. 
4.5″ heel.
0.5″ platform.
Eat your heart out Blahnik.