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You Betty your life

Betty B is the brainchild of Betty Bridge – a Parisian born seamstress dedicated to resurrecting  old stock vintage fabrics and transforming them into yum creations. With a nod to the practical 50’s and with a modern feminine twist it’s no wonder fashion sparklets Agyness Deyn and Lily Allen  have already lapped up Betty’s dresses.
Inspired as a young whippersnapper by her granny, who worked as a seamstress under Coco Chanel and Madelaine Vionnet, Betty left Paris in a puff of pain au chocolat and sailed over to London to eat fish and chips, study fashion and to set up her studio in Golborne Road, where incidentally she is holding a sample sale tomorrow and Saturday. 
For those of you who can’t make it this weekend, you can get your hands on some Betty B round the corner at Mensah (291 Portobello Rd) any day of the week. 
Apart from Sundays. 
Day of rest and all that.
Friday 30th April and Saturday 1st May
Betty B Showroom
89 Golborne Road, 
London W10 5NL

If I tell you I’ll have to kill you

Once a month, the tribes gather from far and wide and travel through rough terrain (Northern Line), battle with wild beasts (Londoners busting to get home) and carry with them a host of specified requirements…all for the pleasure of watching an unknown film at an unknown location with a whole bunch of people they don’t know. 
Yes it sounds idiotic, but trust Poppy. Tis not.
Secret Cinema is a little bit of movie magic in the heart of this here city and is changing the way we watch films. Screening locations are revealed at the very last minute and you could find yourself in a car park, a five star hotel, a farm or a rooftop, watching one of the great classics. Be it Cassablanca or Ghostbusters. (Ah, Bill Murray. What a legend). 
With surprises galore, special guests, live music and a top film to boot – this is one of the best kept secrets in London – so get a wiggle on.
And remember. 
Tell no one.

Beach Bum

Poppy’s off.
Just for a bit. 
Back soon.
May not be going anywhere if my aeroplane can’t blast through the volcanic ash.
If I’m not here on Monday, then I’m in the sky.
If I am here on Monday then you’ll know about it coz I’ll be stroppy poppy.

Something Fishy

Fish Pie has made the world a shinier place since forever, but THIS fish pie, created by the lovely Jamie Oliver, is on a whole other heavenly level.
It’s creamy, it’s cosy, it’s eat out of a bowl on a Sunday watching some sort of decadently rubbish TV program you don’t want your friends to know you watch. Lush, scrum, yummo.
This is also the fish pie that leads my friends to the conclusion that I am a fabulous cook. I intend to never let on. And if I find that you have, I will hunt you down and force feed you green winegums.
Follow the link to the recipe, and enjoy the ooooohs and ahhhhhhs as you proceed to fool your pals with your culinary genius.
Jamie Oliver, I salute you.

Free Wheeling

Sometimes, I get on buses and I don’t know where they’re going.
Just for fun.
This was the number 24. 
Top Deck. 
Front row seats.
London blows me away.
(And so does the Hipstamatic App on the iphone)

Doodle Bug

Miriam Latimer loves marzipan and hates slugs.
Miriam Latimer has pretty knitted cardis and is not very tall.
Miriam Latimer invented Shrinking Sam, Wheelie Girl and Emily’s Tiger. (That’s Emily’s tiger above – jumping over the moon the moon, jumping over the moon.)
Miriam Latimer’s illustrations are loved by little people far and wide.
Miriam Latimer lives by the sea and hearts NYC.
Miriam Latimer’s a doodle bug.
Miriam Latimer doodles bugs.
Have a looksie.



Frock Me

The Summer’s coming and there is officially no reason in the world why we now can’t justify spending our hard earned magic beans on swooshy frocks that make us feel like we’re 10 again at a fairy picnic. With no cares in the world. And no homework to do either.
I’m a sucker for pretty dresses. And this one’s a corker. A lightweight cotton sundress in blush pink from the clever people at Joy is making my heart go a flutter. A voluminous skirt, dinkydoo buttons and ribbon trim make this a little piece of heaven.
There’s more – it comes in 3 other colours: ivory, navy and sunshine yellow. Yep.
The best bit? It’s on sale and has been slashed to a mere £21. 
Joy to the world.

On That Note

I’m going to tell you a secret.
The best thing to come out of Liverpool since ‘Bread’ (remember that? Loved the theme tune), is none other than the glorious Miriam Lamen.
Yep – that’s her above. With a stunning honeyed voice, intelligent songs, gorgeous melodies and super smart arrangements to boot, this girl’s no fool and has got it all. Literally – can you see her hair? It’s amazing! Its like advert hair. (How do girls do this?)
You’d think that someone so talented would be hoity toity, stuffy and all about meeeeee. Nope. Little Miss Lamen is also one of the NICEST people you could ever hope to meet. She is like cherry cake and ginger beer all rolled into one. But with a super side helping of cool. She’s sassy is our Miriam.
You can catch her doing what will no doubt be a beeoodiful acoustic set at the Portobello Acoustic Sessions next Thursday 15th April – so if you’re in the neighbourhood I suggest you settle in for the night with a bottle of wine and get whisked away on a dreamy Lamen cloud….
By the way, she’s beautiful too.
Annoying isn’t it?

Posh Spice

Want to spice it up a bit?
I do, and Modern Malaysian cuisine is where it’s at, (apparently). Specifically, at Awana in Chelsea.
You won’t find a scrummier Mee Goreng or Kari Sajian Laut this side of the Indian Ocean. (I had to look that one up).
I’m going to go for the desserts alone – among them being cinnamon ice cream, gin and tonic sorbet, baked chocolate and pistachio cake with coconut ice cream, (Yesssss!) or black sticky rice warmed with sweet cream and banana cheesecake, (Yesssss again!!)
It’s open for lunch and dinner everyday. Not breakfast though. Which is probably a good thing as I would see no reason to ever leave.
Spice, spice baby.
85 Sloane Avenue
020 7584 8880

The Write Stuff

The pen is truly mightier than the sword, and texts just don’t cut it when you actually have something to say.
Like, “I think you’re the bees knees”, or, “I love you more than mix tapes”, or “I ate too many biscuits yesterday.”
So with that in mind, I advise that you get your lovely selves over to the Nancy & Betty Studio and have a looksie at all their lovely paper things you can scribble all over to get your message across in a top notch fashion.
Postcards, envelopes, cards and badges galore – you can even pick up some wrapping paper in one of their yum scrum retro designs.
They take their inspiration from the simple and quirkydom things that make us feel all ooooh happy. British seaside, rosettes, typewriters, retro dial phones, old airmail envelopes and old kiddy books…like Noddy. (I love Noddy.)
Liberty have already snapped them up, so get in quick before they become too famous to talk to us.
Write on.