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Just Curious

Holy Manolo Batman.
No, you are not seeing things. These are the real deal. Sexy pony skin and suede stilettos, straight from the vintage collections of marvelous Mr Blahnik.
We like him.
This is just one of the startling finds you’re likely to discover when you have a rummage around the virtual shelves of the online emporium that is Shop Curious – a veritable melting pot of one-offs, vintage finds and sparkly surprises.
With no desire to be part of the crazed must-have consumer world, Shop Curious pride themselves on selecting timeless and unique items, which they find beautiful, creative and inspiring.
With clothes, gifts, homeware and even an eco section to send you into a spin, you’ll never want again.
Well. Bless my sole.
Above Blahniks – Size 38 – £148.50

Tea Mobile

Pretty cakes with no pretty plates?
Not the case for vintage aficionado Victoria Moy, who travels far and wide carefully sourcing the bestest and vintageiest crockery and accessory delights for the ultimate quintessential English tea party.
Victoria’s passion for elegance, indulgence and all things country life and vintage led her to setting up her vintage crockery hire company from her old Grade II listed farmhouse on Dartmoor, Devon – a more perfect spot could you find? I think not.
So whether you are having a wedding, garden party, birthday or if you’re just bored of your plain white plates – all her beautiful finds are available for hire to ensure you have the best English tea party in the village – from the beautiful crockery down to the napkins and tablecloths. Hurruh.
Go on – chai it.

Etsy Crush: K Zukowski

What a clever lady Miss K Zukowski is.
All her delicious images are digital collages of original artwork and gorgeous vintage illustrations..just so beautiful.
Bottom left is called ‘Butterflies in my Head’, which is generally how I feel…most of the time.
Good news – you can buy these prints for yourself to hang in your bedroom, bathroom…or loo.
Better news – she has a sale on her Etsy store as I type, so get in quick and bag yourself a bargain.





Curiouser and Curiouser

Pineapple lollipops that turn your mouth from hot to cold?
Melting strawberry chocolate teacakes?
Exploding mint chocolate chip ice cream lollipops?
“Don’t be ridiculous!” I hear you cry. But I’m not. (Being ridiculous.)

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Etsy Crush: Sascalia

Meet Sascalia, the creator of these whimsical folklore collagey wonders. Featuring fairies and forests and animals and angels, these magical works of art will transport you to Narnia, without the aid of a dusty wardrobe. 
Originating from France, Sascalia now pops out her masterpieces from a studio in  the UK, (good news for me), and sells her wares all over the big wide world. Clever ladyloo.
With the option of  postcards, paintings, trinket boxes, jewellery and even prints mounted on wood, you can snap up a Sascalia no matter how many pennies are in your pocket.
Get one. 
For folk’s sake.

Green with Envy

Oh look look look look look!
I love this. I want this. My life would be better if I had this.
A gorgeous 50’s style kitchen rack in pretty mint with ickle drawers, hand painted flowers and handy hooks? Yes please!
Makes my pulse race.
Graham and Green have done it again. They have pulled on my heart strings and have succeeded in pushing me to the limit of my bank balance.
Darn them.

Basket Case: Mabel & Violet


In an effort to encourage the somewhat tentative sun to linger longer, I have decided to have a picnic in Holland Park. I will be braving the weather today, (anyone notice that it’s actually snowing still in Walford?) no matter what and eating miniature sausages on miniature sticks with miniature cheesey nibbly things too. 
I like the mini food thing – I feel perfectly justified in having double the amount of helpings. Snack maths.
Having decided I need a lovely hamper to stuff full of wholesome picnic fayre, I began trawling the shops to find the perfect companion. (Basket, not chap).  And look what I found. 
The glorious 4 person hamper in the picture above is just one of the heavenly products from Mabel and Violet.
Lined with a gorgeous floral fabric, it comes complete with ceramic plates, acrylic wine glasses, cutlery, a bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers… and it even has pretty cotton napkins, so there’ll be no erroneous humous blobs anywhere they shouldn’t be.
Who said life’s no picnic?
Not. Me.


Knit Wit

I love to knit. It’s therapy for the soul and makes me feel happy.
I also love, (in equal measure), delicious roast dinners with all the trimmings. Oh. Yes. I. do.
Imagine my delight when I discovered that the Waterloo based shop ‘I Knit London’ holds a Sunday Knit Roast (it’s true!), on the last Sunday of each month at the cosy Crown and Two Chairmen on Dean St in Soho.
I skipped and twirled and almost did a backflip.
‘I Knit London’ is not just a shop full of delicious yarns and knitting is a world of crafty events, spinning surgery, tricks, techniques, crochet and classes…and with an expert on hand to guide you through, you’ll fast be ‘casting off’ with the best of them.
Roast Beef with a side of yarn.

One, two, button my shoe

I visited my little cousins recently and took this photo as I entered the house.
Something about it resonated with me, and my mind was immediately filled with nursery school, playtime with biscuits, giant butler sinks filled with messy paint pallets and brushes, mud, worms, cricket in the garden, the unbearable excitement of seeing my grandparents and drinking milk through a straw.
Childhood is precious. 
I know you know it…but I thought I’d say it anyway.

Bunny Matters

Spring’s coming and Easter is upon us and I am EXCITED.
Meet Bunnikins, (I know, aww). 
These little Easter bunny friends are the brain bunnies of Stitcher Scribbler, whom I found hiding in a corner of Folksy. They’re 7 inches tall, (that’s ickler than me) and made from the super softest grassy greenest recycled 100% cashmere. Yes siree. 
They are all hand embroidered with sweet teeny felt flowers on the bunny’s behind, (derriere, if you will), and filled with heady Hampshire lavender to send you off into a blissful slumber.
And, at £5.95 a pop you can have your very own Bunnikins without breaking the bank.
I think I’m in love.

Well Groomed

I’ve got some bread in the oven this evening. I haven’t made bread before and I’m a little bit nervous. Although, my flat does smell like a proper London bakery and I’m quite enjoying writing in a floury haze.
Whilst I wait for my oven to go ping, I thought I would draw your attention to something lovely.
Niki Groom is one of those illustrators who makes you want to hug her and hit her simultaneously. Hugs for how she gets it so spot on, and the hitting bit is down to how maddened you will be by a) her ridiculous levels of talent and b) pure jealousy. It’s a girl thing.
As well as working on commissions for an impressive list of clientele, (Vogue – check. Saatchi and Saatchi – check), Niki Groom also offers a personalised stationary service, (including invitations etc) for all who roam this Earth.
Fyi – that includes you and me.
Ooh – ping.

Stuck for words

Er….stuck for words?
Ya. Me too.
Poetry a la Carte knows all about people like us and what’s more – they can help.
All you need to do is fill out their very quick and easy questionnaire to give them a bit of insight into your relationship and they’ll get busy whipping up a masterful and personal poetry creation which you can present to your mum, lover, friend or whomever you wish.
You can choose to have it emailed over to you, or you can opt for it to be sent, handwritten in beautiful calligraphy.
Either way, no one will know it wasn’t you so you can take all the credit… and get all the brownie points.
Ta dah.


Um. I think these may be the best brownies I have ever had. (I have eaten many brownies.) These are Prosperity Brownies and are baked by hand in Sussex by a lovely husband and wife team who probably never have any silly arguments and have pretty bunting in their garden.
They are soft, squidgy and gooey in the middle and brownie-crispy-heaven on the outside. They come in more flavours than you can probably handle, and include berry fruity goodness goo. I mean too.
What’s more, 10% of their profits go to charities which help underprivileged children…so the more you eat, the better a person you are.
p.s. They sell online too.

Plums in the icebox

My favourite Poem on the Underground to date. Made me smile today on the Northern Line.
This is Just to Say
I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox
and which
you were probably
for breakfast
Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

William Carlos Williams (1883-1963)

Poems on the Underground