Libratone Zipp Speakers
Wifi, Bluetooth, Portable, Amaze


I am not a techy-whizz, make no mistake. I am often bamboozled by all things internetty, cabley, wifi-y… so when I first heard about Libratone wireless speakers, I have to admit, I was a little dubious that I’d even be able to get them to work.

How wrong I was. These speakers are so easy to set up and use and they have changed my musical life. They really truly absolutely have. They’re amazing, and I’m going to do my very non-techy best to explain why.

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Floating away at Thai Square Spa


There is something so wonderful about waking up in the morning and knowing you are going to be spending it in a spa… but there is something even more special about knowing that the spa you are going to be disappearing into, is the magical Thai Square Spa in the heart of this busy, whizzy, spectacular city.

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EatFirst knocks my brunching socks off

Eat First

When you’ve just moved into a new home and you’re surrounded by boxes and you don’t know where your pants are, let alone your saucepans, and you’re about to go on holiday so there is really no point in unpacking…. the LAST thing in the world you feel like doing is cooking. Not just because you can’t find a frying pan, but because it’s just one thing too far to think about… especially as you can’t find your pants.

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Blooming Lovely

Floral Map by Larry Walshe

Fact of the day – more perfume is sold at Heathrow than any other location in the UK.

Isn’t that amazing? I had no idea – there are so many beauty halls and perfume stores around this fair land, it was such a surprise to learn that Heathrow was the ultimate scent destination… but, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

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Bank holiday adventures
with Radley London

Poppy Loves Radley Bank holidays are like gold dust. They pop out of the calendar and glimmer with promise, turning a long week into a short spell and extending the weekend as if it were made of elastic. And even though it’s just by one day, these additional 24 hours can make you feel as though you’ve had a proper holiday. Continue Reading…

Working lunch


Ryvita lunch packs

Today I have been running around the house (I keep writing ‘flat’, then having to delete it!) doing a mixture of blogging stuff, laundry stuff, shopping stuff (beans, milk etc – nothing exciting) and staring vacantly into space as I try to work out how I should tackle my post-holiday heaving inbox of 1273 emails. Unread. *Sob*

On days like this I can forget to eat. And then 4pm comes around, my blood sugar is ridiculously low and I end up destroying a packet of Jaffacakes without even blinking.

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Oh, hi there…


Supper on Milos

These past couple of weeks, I have been recharging, rebooting, sleeping and (mostly) eating on two of the most gorgeous Greek islands I have ever had the good fortune to visit – Milos and Sifnos.

I have a camera full of photos to share with you, but for now, this is a hello – I’m home!

We got back in the wee hours of yesterday morning and today is my first day back at my desk, coffee in hand and an inbox bursting at the seams…

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My #OrganicUnboxed Challenge


Oh hello September! This one of my favourite months – it’s the beginning of Autumn, the leaves change colour and I can’t help but be catapulted back in my mind to the first day of school and being reminded to bring in a can of sweetcorn for the Harvest Festival.

September is now widely known as Organic September, which is something very close to my heart. I was rather late to the party, when it came to thinking about what I was ACTUALLY putting into my body… but once I’d jumped on board the bandwagon, there was absolutely no stopping me and my enthusiasm for eating good, real, not-messed-about-with food.

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Cooking on gas with Gizzi Erskine
(and a perfect soundtrack)

Gizmo Erskine with Google Play

A few days ago I visited Google HQ in London. That’s like the MOTHERSHIP of the interwebby. My sense of direction is terrible at the best of times, so to be honest it was a miracle that I found my way to the amazing Google Kitchen, where Gizzi Erskine was ready and waiting, with her new cook book, a wooden spoon, a shed load of oil and sporting some sensational polka pants.

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Tooling up for entrepreneurs


I used to work in an office with walls and people and things. There were computers attached to the desks, files in the cupboards, phones plugged into the floor and work happened there because that’s where all the stuff was to do the work.

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The Little London Bunch:
Same day flower delivery in London

The Little London Bunch

I think that sending flowers is one of the loveliest things you can do for someone. They bring cheer and joy no matter what… and then only thing that ever really stops me from clicking ‘buy now’, is the price. Sending flowers has always been pretty expensive and you also usually have to buy in advance… that is until the clever dicky birds at The Little London Bunch knocked their heads together and came up with a cunning plan.

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Summer supper at La Gourmandina

La Gourmandina

Summer days are made even more perfect when they’re concluded with an al fresco supper somewhere special in London, when the sun has already dipped behind the clouds, the air is still warm and there’s an aperol spritz ready and awaiting your arrival…

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I grew a tomato! On my balcony!

Grow Your Own

You may remember that at the beginning of the Summer I was the recipient of an amazing delivery from Wyevale Garden Centres, who challenged me to grow my own produce on my London balcony… and I am extremely proud and pleased as punch to report, that I have had SUCCESS!

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Is it Monday yet…?

Lipton Ice Tea

Are you one of those people who starts to get a dull niggle on a Sunday night, as you feel Monday looming? A sense of pending doom creeping around the corner, meaning you stop relaxing and immediately feel your brain start ticking over your To Do list in your head… ending your weekend with a bang and mentally  catapulting you into the office, even though it’s STILL SUNDAY?

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Pearl & Groove
The Flourless Bakery on Portobello Road

Pearl & Groove Portobello Road

The way Alabama is staring at her cake, is exactly how her mum Anoushka and I stared at ours when we first arrived at Pearl & Groove on Portobello Road –  with total, unadulterated love.
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